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WPPED Cream 2016

Integrated campaign

This award will be judged centrally by all the chairmen of the juries plus the executive creative directors of the agency groups. This category will celebrate creative campaigns. Entries will need to demonstrate holistic excellence; that is, work that has been executed across multiple media, incorporating an idea into diverse environments such that it is enriched by each.

Entries can be submitted by any discipline and must be submitted as Hi-Res PAL mpeg4 delivered as 1080p/i/720p. No longer than 5 minutes.

The case film should show how your campaign/entry was launched and executed and which channels were used as well as give some idea of how successful this campaign was with both client and consumer.

Each film should be accompanied by an entry form. Click here to download form.

  Deadline: July 1, 2016

Queries to: Adrienne Pace -

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