Privacy and data security

Our companies collect, store and use consumer data to create tailored marketing campaigns and to help clients engage more effectively with consumers and accurately measure the impact of their marketing. We have a responsibility to protect consumer privacy and give people control over if and how their data is collected and used.

We take action at a Group and operating company level to make sure that consumer privacy is protected and we engage with consumers, regulators, clients and industry to improve privacy practices.

All WPP companies must implement the WPP Data Code of Conduct launched in 2013, which provides a clear framework for implementing privacy best practice. We bring our Code and policies to life for employees through Group-wide ethics training, which features four privacy-related scenarios.

We have a central team of legal, audit and compliance professionals who support WPP agencies on privacy, while our internal audit team reviews privacy risks and practices as part of its Group-wide audit program.

We use our Data Health Checker to monitor privacy risks and practices in our businesses and we have a WPP Client Contract Toolkit, to help WPP companies integrate privacy and data protection into client contracts.

Read more in our Sustainability Report.

“Behavioural advertising, the ability to collect and use data online, enables brands to deliver targeted and relevant advertising to users, and to connect with consumers in meaningful ways. But it only works if consumers trust marketers to protect their data and respect their privacy. Marketers have an obligation to be transparent with consumers about data use practices, and to give consumers control over whether and with whom they share data. Communicating the value consumers gain from sharing data is important.”

John Montgomery
Chief operating officer, GroupM Interaction North America

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Recent performance

77% of WPP companies have a dedicated privacy lead

88% of WPP companies have taken mitigation measures which match or exceed their level of privacy risk