Our ethical framework

Marketing is a powerful tool that can change people’s views and behaviour. We have a responsibility to implement high ethical standards in our work for clients and the way we run our businesses.

The WPP Code of Business Conduct establishes the values and ethical standards that all our companies must implement. It is supported by our Group Sustainability Policy and detailed policies on anti-bribery and corruption, gifts and entertainment and the appointment of third-party advisors. The Code and policies help our people in dealing with a wide range of ethical, social and environmental subjects. They apply to all employees in all locations and are regularly updated.

Employees are required to complete our ethics training, which covers topics such as diversity, privacy, responsibility to stakeholders, and avoiding misleading work as well as our online training on anti-bribery and corruption. Senior executives in all our companies and all our business partners and suppliers are asked to sign a copy of the WPP Code of Business Conduct each year to confirm they will abide by its principles.

The work we do and the clients we work for can raise ethical issues. Examples include work for governments or clients in sensitive countries or sectors, and marketing for sensitive or controversial products. We have a review and referral process to help our people make decisions about new commissions that reflect our standards, and to avoid ethical risks to WPP and our clients.

We will turn down work which presents an unacceptable ethical risk to WPP or our clients.

Employees can report any concerns or suspected cases of misconduct in confidence through our third-party managed Right to Speak facility, overseen by our internal audit department.

Read more in our Sustainability Report.

Read our Code of Business Conduct.

Read our Sustainability Policy.

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Recent Performance

160,000 people have completed our ethics and anti-bribery and corruption training since 2012