Case Study: Fundraising
Campaign name: Miracle Machine
Client: Kraft
WPP Company: JWT, Manila

Miracle Whip, a popular salad dressing and sandwich filler manufactured by Kraft, has teamed up with JWT Manila to help make miracles happen in 2010.

Together they developed a social network application called the Miracle Machine with the aim of getting people to work together to help those less fortunate. People log onto the application through Facebook and select causes they want to support. For example, by helping realise a child’s wish to meet a pilot, and maybe fly in a plane; or by collecting books and delivering them to areas short of local libraries. In the 12 days before Christmas the Miracle Machine achieved 12 miracles, one for each day.

As Jos Ortega, the CEO of JWT Manila states, “if we get everyone to pitch in, we can show that as more people become part of Miracle Machine, we can make more and more amazing things happen.”
  Miracle Machine


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