The impact of our work case studies (2012)

  Type Issue Campaign Client Company
Dove Add Makeover Sustainability in Marketing  Health Ad Makeover Dove Ogilvy & Mather, London
Volkswagen China Sustainability in Marketing Fuel Efficiency Blue Mobility Volkswagen China MediaCom China
Pick n Pay Sustainability in Marketing Corporate Sustainability GOODNESS Pick n Pay Y&R, Cape Town
Services for the underserviced  Social Marketing  Veterans  After the Parade  Services for the UnderServed (SUS)  JWT, New York 
Telefonica Foundation Social Marketing Child Labour Kid Rescue  Telefonica Foundation Y&R, Bogota
Bill and Melinda Gates Social Marketing Vistor Center Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation POSSIBLE, Los Angeles
Santa Casa de Misericordia Social Marketing Health QR TKS Santa Casa Misericórdia de São Paulo Y&R, Sao Paulo 
Alzheimers Society Social Marketing Health Dementia Friends  Alzheimer's Society Addison, London
KFC Cause-related Marketing Child Hunger The Journey of Hope KFC Ogilvy& Mather Johannesburg, Ogilvy Public Relations Johannesburg, MEC Access South Africa, Mindshare South Africa
Marks and Spencer Cause-related Marketing Recycling Shwopping Marks & Spencer RKCR/Y&R, London
Live positively Sustainability in Marketing Sustainable Products Live Positively - Every Bottle Has a Story The Coca-Cola Company Ogilvy, Rio
EarthChoice Sustainability in Marketing Sustainable Products EarthChoice Domtar OgilvyEarth & The Brand Union
Souls with soles Sustainability in Marketing Sustainable Products Soles with Souls JK Tyre Contract Advertising, Gurgaon
Smartconnect Sustainability in Marketing Energy Efficiency SmartConnect Southern California Wunderman, Irvine
Green festivals Sustainability in Marketing Green Vehicles Green Festivals Activation Ford Team Detroit
Sustainability in Marketing Green Packaging Alfapac Vegetal Origin Garbage Bag Sphere France - Alfapac Les Ouvriers Du Paradis United, Paris
Discover the story Sustainability in Marketing Sustainable Fishing Discover The Story Behind Every Can John West UK Cheetham Bell JWT, London
Mending broken hearts Social Marketing Health Mending Broken Hearts British Heart Foundation Grey, London
End7 Social Marketing Health END7 Sabin Vaccine Institute Wunderman, London
Hands Social Marketing Domestic Violence Hands National Center for Domestic Violence JWT, London
My name is Kimbo Social Marketing Children's Rights My Name is Kimbo UNICEF JWT Spain
70 meter spit Social Marketing Health 70 Meter Spit Health Bureau of Nanhui Shanghai Ogilvy, Shanghai
Angina monologues Social Marketing     Health Angina Monologues British Heart Foundation Grey, London
Add hope-wall of hope Cause Related Health Add Hope - Wall of Hope KFC Ogilvy, Johannesburg

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