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The Athena Doctrine
New research outlining the importance of feminine values in business today
John Gerzema, BAV Consulting 2013
The Seven Errors in the Game of Sustainability
Identifying and changing paradigms before it's too late
Y&R Brazil - Walter Longo 2012
Social Good
The JWT report explores trends in Social Good, or the drive to be responsible citizens and effect positive change.
JWTIntelligence & EthosJWT 2011
Mainstrean Green
Moving sustainability from niche to normal
Graceann Bennett & Freya Williams, Ogilvy Earth 2011
Closing the sustainability gap
Examining consumer perceptions and the barriers to sustainable consumption in China
OgilvyEarth 2010
Communicating Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility (CR) is more important than ever. Transparency and authenticity have become vital for all companies. This guide presents the case for CR, and offers relevant and practical advice.
Ogilvy PR & the Doughty Center for Corporate Resonsibility 2010
From Greenwash to Great
A practical guide to great green markting (without the greenwash)
OgilvyEarth 2010
Citizenship Branding
Why aligning your brand with social and environmental practices creates a virtuous circle
Landor 2010
Corporate Responsibility Trends 2010
Rather than just listing individual issues, Burson-Marsteller highlights the key Corporate Responsibility trends likely to cut across sectors and geographies in 2010.
Eric Biel 2010
Beyond green
Which brands and companies do real people see as socially responsible?
Susan Nelson 2009
Get a head start in the coming war for talent
Four steps to keeping your best employees when jobs start opening up again.
Lori Rosenwasser 2009
Management by empathy
Running a business in a recession calls for a new set of skills. Honesty and trust are more relevant now than macho ambition
Cheryl Giovannoni 2009
New Markets: new responsibilities
Corporate responsibility has often been depicted as a luxury: something that can be afforded in affluent societies, but less relevant in faster-growing markets facing more pressing economic. We believe this analysis is out of date.
WPP 2009
Communicating the climate challenge
In the absence of a legally-binding governmental framework to cut emissions, society continues to look to business to drive change towards a low-carbon economy.
WPP 2009
Marketing in a digital age
The rise of the internet and digital communications is transforming the way we live and work, and the way brands communicate with consumers. WPP has world-class capabilities in digital marketing and media.
WPP 2009
Corporations, Social Responsibility & Public Relations
Harold Burson's Speech at the Welcome Dinner of the 18th IPRA World Congress in Beijing, November 13, 2008.
Harold Burson 2008
Our Green World
A study analysing green attitudes, perceptions and behaviours 17 countries.
TNS 2008
Greater Good: How Good Marketing Makes for Better Democracy
This book looks at the wider contribution that marketing makes towards society, and its role as a linchpin of democracy
John Quelh and Katherine Jocz 2007
A "Greenprint" For Companies And Their Brands
As the 'sustainable' agenda grows in strength, companies need to ensure that they get the balance right between promoting a green stance and being true to what they say.
The Brand Union 2007
Why Honesty is The Best Policy
Growing pressure for companies to demonstrate corporate and social responsibility has implications for how you conduct your corporate communications. Bennett Freeman offers some lessons in achieving credibility.
Bennett Freeman 2006
Changing China
A look at the expectations of multinationals in China, and how they can navigate CR issues
Burson-Marsteller 2005
Substance Sells: Aligning Corporate Reputation and Corporate Responsibility
In this new era of accountability and sustainability, corporate reputation and corporate responsibility are inseparable. Winner (Public Relations and Public Affairs), WPP Atticus Awards 2005.
Bennet Freeman 2005

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