Our companies collect consumer data on behalf of clients, and use it to study attitudes (including purchasing habits) and to create targeted digital and direct marketing campaigns.

Privacy is a high-profile topic and one that we take very seriously. Our agencies comply with privacy and data protection requirements and participate in efforts to standardise practices and provide clear information to consumers.

Some consumers and interest groups are concerned about the collection and use of personal data for marketing purposes, including practices such as behavioural targeting. We work with trade organisations and others in our industry to address these issues.

Principles and guidance
Our approach is guided by four priorities: maintaining consumer trust; reducing legal and financial risks to WPP; educating our people and the people we work with and improving our own knowledge base; and enabling our clients to use consumer data appropriately to enhance their marketing.

The parent company provides guidance and advice to our companies on privacy and data security issues. To ensure that all our people have an understanding of the basic issues, privacy and data security is included in our Group-wide ethics training. We also run more bespoke training session on specific topics, e.g. the EU Cookies Directive.

A briefing document is available on our Group intranet to help employees understand their legal responsibilities and the need to balance commercial objectives with privacy obligations. It defines basic privacy-related terms and includes guidance on privacy clauses in client contracts, data privacy expectations and what to do if a breach occurs.

We have developed a Data Code of Conduct, which provides a clear framework for privacy practices across all WPP companies; as well as global IT security, privacy and social media policies that all WPP companies must implement.

We have launched the WPP Data Health Checker to review privacy risks within WPP and to asses the privacy practices at each of our operating companies.

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