Marketing standards

Successful marketing can change opinions and influence behaviour. It's a powerful tool and that brings important responsibilities.

Our reputation and that of our clients depends on us meeting high ethical standards in all our work. All marketing produced by WPP companies should present products fairly and accurately comply with the relevant laws and marketing codes, and reflect changing public attitudes to questions of taste and decency or marketing of sensitive products. This includes not producing work for our clients that overstates the environmental performance of the company or brands.

Our research and digital marketing agencies manage the issues associated with privacy and data protection when collecting, using and storing consumer information.

We assess the ethical issues that can arise in connection with the markets in which we operate, the clients we work for and the campaigns we undertake and consider high risk cases before accepting new commissions.
Code of Conduct
The standards by which we conduct ourselves corporately and individually

WPP Ethics Training
Guidance to help us make the right decisions in our work 

Public Affairs
Our approach to public policy work for clients including direct lobbying of public officials and influencing public opinion

Privacy and data protection are priority issues for all our companies and we aim to meet best practice standards

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