Our global network of companies spans 3,000 offices in 111 countries. We operate in a decentralised way, with much autonomy devolved to our operating companies. WPP the parent company provides a framework through our Code of Business Conduct, Sustainability Policy and Group policies in areas such as data privacy to guide our companies in managing sustainability issues. We encourage and enable our companies to share information and best practices on sustainability.

Paul Richardson, WPP’s Group finance director, is the Board director responsible for corporate sustainability. He chairs our Sustainability Committee made up of senior representatives from Group functions and shares outcomes from this meeting with WPP’s Nomination and Governance Committee and Board of Directors.

Our central sustainability team sets our overarching strategy and policies, monitors performance data and supports our operating companies in managing sustainability issues.

We track our progress using a set of social and environmental performance indicators, see Key data. Our carbon and employment data is verified by Bureau Veritas, an independent assurance provider.

We report our progress annually through our Sustainability Report and Pro Bono book. We also integrate information on sustainability into our Annual Report and Accounts for investors.

Read more in our Annual Report and Accounts and our Sustainability Report.

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