Public apologies given to Millward Brown, Kantar and WPP

29 September, 2016

Apology 1

“This statement is made by MetrixLab UK Limited (“MetrixLab”), following settlement of the proceedings commenced by Millward Brown UK Limited (“Millward Brown”) in the High Court in London.

The terms of settlement are confidential but this statement is given to apologize unreservedly for the circumstances surrounding Angela Morgans' appointment as Managing Director of MetrixLab which led to the dispute.  We wish to apologize that we did not ensure all compliance standards of our industry were adhered to and that we did not take the appropriate steps to discourage‎ Angela from retaining confidential information and sharing it with MetrixLab.” 

Apology 2

 “This statement is made by Ms Angela Morgans following settlement of High Court proceedings commenced by Millward Brown (UK) Limited (“Millward Brown”) against Ms Morgans and MetrixLab UK Limited (“MetrixLab”). 

The terms of settlement are confidential but I regret the circumstances in which I left my employment with Millward Brown and that it has led to this dispute. I apologise unreservedly for my actions in taking confidential information belonging to Millward Brown and the events that led to this dispute, but I am pleased that the parties have reached a mutually acceptable conclusion”.

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