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Kenyans to co-author the world’s first collectively written book

10 November, 2015

Squad Digital

Kenyans to co-author the world’s first collectively written book to foster a reading culture for the next generation of children

KENYA — Squad Digital, the leading digital marketing firm in Sub Saharan Africa, has set out on a mission to get Kenyans to co-author the world’s first collectively written book. This project, dubbed #StoryForChela, is aimed at changing the future of every child in Kenya by starting libraries in the country, and equipping these libraries with books.

The literacy levels in Kenya are extremely low. Countrywide, there are more than 20,000 Kenyan primary schools without libraries. Where there are libraries, books are lacking. The direct impact of this has been that only 3 out of 10 Class 3 children can read a Class 2 level English Story while only 2 out of 10 children in the same class can read an English word.

In an effort to change the dire literacy situation in the country, Storymoja felt the need for the Start-A-Library project in 2012. After all, literacy is directly a result of exposure to books from an early age.
When Squad Digital came on board, we decided that the best way to support this campaign would be to have a primary school going child to lend her voice to it. Thus was born.   

Chela is a little girl with a big dream to start libraries and bring stories to 10 million children who, like her, do not have libraries. She is the voice of the ten million Kenyan children who, like her, need to have easy access to books. Her aim is to collect stories which she can share with her fellow school-going children. Her request is simple; everyone in Kenya can support these children by co-authoring her story.

Our aim is to raise 30 million Kenyan shillings in 90 days to build 100 libraries.

Ouma Obama, Chela’s mentor said “I believe it is vitally important for children to read stories in order to learn and grow beyond our expectations. That is why I am joining
Chela on her quest to gather our stories and build libraries across Kenya.”

As a direct result of contributing to the #StoryForChela, we will not only be able to raise the funds needed to build more libraries, but also come up with a book collectively as a nation, for the first time. A book that every child in the nation will be glad reading it to improve his/her reading skills. A book that will change children future.

About Squad Digital
Squad Digital (a SCAN Group and WPP digital network agency) is an award winning full service digital marketing agency, supporting clients in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria and Dubai. What's unique about Squad is our African pedigree. Because of that we understand very well that Mobile is just not the primary medium, but in most cases it’s the only medium to connect and engage in this ever evolving marketing world. For more information about Squad visit Follow Squad on twitter @squaddigital.

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