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5 things you should know about the future of food & nutrition

15 May, 2015


SINGAPORE — A growing global population, decreasing livestock and lack of sustainable food sources calls for new solutions to feed the next billion within the next decade. Technologies are rapidly being developed to address food scarcity issues as well as our evolving relationship with the food we consume daily.

The report by Metalworks, the global R&D division and creative technology unit of Maxus, a media agency, look at 5 trends that are shaping the food industry, including, restaurants, fast food and packaged food products.

According to the forecast, food brands and businesses are presented with the opportunity to take advantage of technology in creative ways with existing solutions. The report presents the latest developments in technology that is affecting the food industry and our relationship with food; it quotes examples within the industry where businesses are already leaning into change with technology.

Some key findings of the report include:

1. New engineered food including meat grown in labs, nutrition infused products and plant-based meat alternatives that taste as good as real meat.

2. How technology is transforming food waste, poverty and allergens in food.

3. Technology used by Food & Beverage (F&B) businesses to improve service experience and improve productivity.

4. How the Internet of Things (IOT) trend is transforming our relationship with food.

5. How a culture that demands everything instantly have us move beyond fast food to 3Dprinted food and instant alcoholic cocktails.

The report is available for viewing via SlideShare.

Further enquiries can be made via

Metalworks is the global R&D division of Maxus, the world’s fastest growing media agency over the last 5 years (Recma). Founded in 2012, Metalworks is based in Singapore and led by Nico Abbruzzese and Tom Kelshaw. Metalworks empowers Maxus and the agency’s clients to Lean Into Change through creative technology research and development by bridging the gap between digital and physical worlds.

Metalworks is a team of 10 creatives and technologists: modern all-round lateral thinkers. The division sits at the core of Maxus, delivering interactive experiences for clients including GSK, Bayer, L’Oreal, Tesco and others globally.

Daylon Soh, Communications Manager, Metalworks |


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