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5 things Auto Makers should know about the Future of Automotive

12 February, 2015

Metalworks - The Future of Automotive

The recent Consumer Electronic Show (CES) at Las Vegas, Nevada saw several automakers reimagine the future of personal transportation. From driverless cars to gesturebased interfaces to new business models that would not have been possible a decade ago.

The expectations of consumers are evolving.

The report by Metalworks, the global R&D division and creative technology unit of Maxus, a media agency, is the culmination of research and learnings from CES 2015 and constant trend monitoring.

According to the forecast, automotive brands are presented with the opportunity to take advantage of technology in creative ways with existing solutions. The report presents the latest developments in automotive technologies and consumption habits, as well as, the impact of these developments and a model example to help automotive brands lean into change with technology.

Some key findings of the report include:

1. How various automotive brands, technology companies and universities are
researching and developing autonomous driving technologies leading to various
outcomes and impact.

2. How cars in the near future may go beyond smart sensors and make use of its extra computing power to measure data in the city and fight crime.

3. How niche ideas like cars powered by hybrid or alternative energy, amphibious cars and 3D-printed cars are set to become mainstream as electric vehicles take off.

4. New transportation options, such as, a car renting service by the minute, are shaped by communities and internet/mobile platforms that will influence the way we travel today and in the near future.

5. Why automotive manufacturers are rethinking their showroom and promotion approach with technology as car buyers become more sophisticated.

The report is available for viewing via SlideShare.

Further enquiries can be made via

Metalworks is the global R&D division of Maxus, the world’s fastest growing media agency over the last 5 years (Recma). Founded in 2012, Metalworks is based in Singapore and led by Nico Abbruzzese and Tom Kelshaw. Metalworks empowers Maxus and the agency’s clients to Lean Into Change through creative technology research and development by bridging the gap between digital and physical worlds.

Metalworks is a team of 10 creatives and technologists: modern all-round lateral thinkers. The division sits at the core of Maxus, delivering interactive experiences for clients including GSK, Bayer, L’Oreal, Tesco and others globally.

Daylon Soh, Communications Manager, Metalworks |

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