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Lindeman's to 'bring out the gentleman' with new wine collection, brand campaign

2 December, 2015


Treasury Wine Estates’ brand Lindeman’s is campaigning “to bring out the gentleman” in young Australian men through the launch of its new wine collection.

Aptly named the Gentleman’s Collection by Dr. Henry John Lindeman, the campaign taps into the trend of ‘gentlemanliness’ in young Australian men and has been developed by J. Walter Thompson. The irreverent campaign positions the new wine range for a ‘gentleman who is, and the gentleman who wishes to be’.

According to J. Walter Thompson Creative Director Jarrod Lowe: “Dr. Lindeman began a journey of refining ruffians via an appreciation for his wines, way back in 1843. We wanted to continue this legacy and that’s exactly what this campaign sets out to do, which is pretty exciting,” he said.

Reflecting the brand’s target audience, who are non-traditional consumers of media, the brand campaign is digitally led through an earned, owned and paid strategy encompassing social, video, public relations and influencer engagement programs. Key elements to the campaign include: a video series that confronts the pitfalls of gentlemanly rules as well as on premise promotions such as banter enhancing coasters and gentlemanly guides.

“The rules for being a gentleman are not as simple or well defined these days, and being a gentleman in 2015 is no simple feat,” said Lindeman’s Marketing Manager Australia and New Zealand, Tasha Harp.

“We’re witnessing a growing trend of gentlemanliness amongst millennial men, from their grooming habits to their choice of clothes and lifestyle. An appreciation of good wine is an essential part of the mix. Our Gentleman’s Collection, with its unique range of wines, makes it easy for men to navigate their way through the wine selection process,” Harp said.

The Gentleman’s Collection was inspired by a true gentleman of the winemaking world; Dr. Henry J Lindeman. He moved from England to the Hunter Valley where he established his own winery in 1843. A doctor by trade, he set his sights on civilising the hard-drinking colony of Australia by introducing them to more gentlemanly pursuits; mainly the enjoyment of a refined drop.

This quest for a more cultured wine experience continues today; and so the new Gentleman’s Collection range from Lindeman’s is a wine fit for the millennial gentleman. It consists of four masculine, yet easy drinking red and white wines – each made with a dash of fortified for rounded refinement. They are available now at leading liquor retailers across the country.

The launch video can be viewed here:

Link to all content on the dedicated YouTube channel is:

Other elements of the campaign can be viewed here:

J. Walter Thompson is part of STW, Australasia’s leading marketing content and communications group.

Creative Credits
Creative Director: Jarrod Lowe
Director: Jarrod Lowe
DOP: Marin Johnson
Copywriters: Jarrod Lowe, Kerem Sekerci
Art Director: Tim Yates
Global Account Director: Pete Randeria
Account Team: Steph Nikolovski, Paulina Embart, Hazel Tiernan, Linda Simoni, Rose Dwyer, Lauren Clarke
Production Team: Sandi Gracin, Lauren Napthine, Jen Carigiet
PR: Pulse Communications (Melbourne)

For more information contact Rebecca Tilly, STW PR, +61 410 501 043.

About Lindeman’s
In 1843, Dr. Henry John Lindeman started his own winery in the Hunter Valley and called it Lindeman’s. An upstanding man of formidable character and an Australian winemaking pioneer, Dr. Lindeman planted the first vines at his property, Cawarra, and quickly established a reputation for making quality table wines. A doctor by trade, he set his sights on civilising a colony of hard-drinking ruffians by introducing them to more gentlemanly pursuits, such as the enjoyment of a refined drop.

To this end, Dr. Lindeman penned the words: “It appears to me that it would be a retrograde step to throw any obstruction in the way of the consumption of our native wines; and that we should rather clear the road for them, and use every endeavour to make them a popular beverage, so that, in time, they may come to take the place of the strong alcoholic drinks which (if we forbid the sale of wine) will be again the only stimulant accessible. Ready access to wine, judging from results in all wine-growing countries, will revolutionise our taste for spirits, and induce sobriety.”

Today, the tradition and legacy of Dr. Lindeman continues. Lindeman’s is enjoyed in more than 22 countries around the world, with the coveted position as the number-one-selling Australian wine in four countries. Perfect for everyday moments, yet equally worthy of an occasion, Lindeman’s immensely popular wines are approachable and accessible, with an unfailing record of consistent quality and timeless appeal.

The Gentleman’s Collection is the latest addition to the Lindeman’s portfolio. Inspired by Dr. Henry Lindeman, who lived during a time when chivalry and respect were of utmost importance, The Gentleman’s Collection is a range of four wines for the gentleman who is, and the gentleman who wishes to be. Complete with a set of rules that provide a helpful guide to chivalry and integrity in the modern era, The Gentleman’s Collection is a suitable choice for the discerning modern gentleman. The range includes Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and a Red Blend; each wine is made with a dash of fortified for a smooth and rounded finish.

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