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iconmobile shares product advances at dmexco

10 September, 2014


Products for Oral-B, Ferrero, Kettler and a Beer Bot Show Power of Embedded Mobile Solutions

COLOGNE — iconmobile, one of the world’s premier agencies for mobile business solutions, announced today that they will be showcasing four major products they developed with major consumer brands at this year’s dmexco convention in Cologne on September 10th and 11th (HALL 7, BOOTH 24).

Leveraging iconmobile’s expertise in design, marketing and technology, these applications all represent advances in mobile’s unique ability to unify a user’s total experience with a product, as well as its ability to bridge the user’s experience in both the digital and physical worlds.

The exhibit will consist of:

Oral-B Interactive Electric Toothbrush
This is the world’s first interactive electric toothbrush that pairs with a mobile app to make dental hygiene fun (via gamification), effective (the brush communicates wirelessly with your mobile device to track your progress and technique over time), and beneficial (with the capacity to setup personalized care with your dental professional).

iconmobile, spurred on by its love of spunky personality and clever use of technology, developed a Twitter-activated robot bartender. Upon receiving a drink request by tweet, the beerbot automatically pours just the right amount of the delicious free beverage and tweets the user back when the drink is ready. To cater to dmexco participants this year, iconmobile has modified the beerbot to activate upon successful scanning of a business card, instead of a tweet.

Kettler S-Fit App
This innovative fitness app has reinvigorated the exercise bike marketplace, allowing users to add a sense of whimsy and professionalism to their home and gym workouts. The bike is synced with the user’s mobile app, changing the display panel to host fun games (like working off a cheeseburger, encouraging faster pedaling) and challenging race routes (such as the Tour de France with virtual opponents to bring the racing atmosphere to the living room).

Ferrero’s Kinder Surprise + Porsche
iconmobile collaborated with Kinder Surprise and Porsche to create an interactive card game, blending a sense of nostalgia with invisible technology. Users collect cards from Kinder Surprise to test their knowledge of legendary Porsche engines, view vintage materials, and compete with other users in a Trump card game,  utilizing the cards they’ve collected.

Thomas Fellger, Founding Partner and CEO of iconmobile, states:
“People often look to mobile as another element in the marketing mix — something that promotes a product or a brand. But the real power of mobile comes by embedding it in everything we do. Although we have chosen four very different projects — oral care, fitness, Twitter-activated bartending and a game for Porsche fans — they all share in common that they enhance the normal behaviors of the users to make a much more meaningful, individualized and engaging experience.”

Thomas Fellger, CEO & Founder iconmobile
+49 176 21024157

Emily Froelich

About iconmobile
Founded in 2003, the iconmobile group is an international market leader in the area of mobile business solutions and mobile marketing. As part of the WPP network, the company blends many years of design and marketing experience with deep technical expertise. This unique combination enables iconmobile to serve as a one-stop provider of the full range of services for companies and brands looking to maximize the mobile channel. More information about iconmobile can be found online at or at

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