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Metalworks develops Gameday App

28 October, 2014


Gamify Live Sporting Events with Metalworks’ Gameday App

This year’s World Cup and following EPL season has further solidified football as the world’s most popular sport.

Metalworks, the global creative technology division of Maxus, saw the opportunity to help brands who wish to connect with the sports’ growing legion of fans at a deeper level and created Gameday.

Gameday is a mobile web application, which operates from any mobile web browser without installation. It was introduced at a live match event in Kuala Lumpur on Sept 27. During the public event, the innovative piece of technology was used to engage with fans and reward them in a big way.

Football fans that use the Gameday application to predict scores of their favourite matches during the event, earn points that are redeemable for exclusive Tiger FC prizes and gadgets. Additionally, fans who use the app as a second screen for live matches can gain extra points by correctly answering match-related questions through the bonus “Skill Challenge” round in between the match or time sensitive poll questions during the match. Social media shares are also rewarded with extra points; making every Gameday user a winner.

A football fan that was present during the event said, “Gameday definitely makes watching football that much more stimulating while encouraging a little healthy and fun competition amongst fans and rivals alike."

“Brands have always used sponsorships as a means to increase brand affiliation with sports. The popularity of the Gameday app at a live sporting event prove that they have an alternative option to engage with their customers in an novel way and be an active influencer,” said Nico Abbruzzese, Global Director of Creative Technology at Maxus and Head of Metalworks.

Metalworks is currently in discussions with several brands abroad to implement the Gameday application for different sports. Further enquiries can be made via

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About Gameday
Gameday is a mobile web application with social features that serves as a second screen during live matches. The mobile web application, accessible via any web browser, allows sports fans to predict scores of their favourite matches in real-time and earn points that are redeemable for exclusive prizes. The Gameday app is an alternative to traditional sports sponsorship placements and is built to be a viral marketing tool for brand marketers.

About Metalworks
 Metalworks is the global R&D division of Maxus, the world’s fastest growing media agency over the last 5 years (Recma). Founded in 2012, Metalworks is based in Singapore and led by Nico Abbruzzese and Tom Kelshaw. Metalworks empowers Maxus and the agency’s clients to Lean Into Change through creative technology research and development by bridging the gap between digital and physical worlds. Metalworks is a team of 10 creatives and technologists: modern all-round lateral thinkers. The division sits at the core of Maxus, delivering interactive experiences for clients including GSK, Bayer, L’Oreal, Tesco and others globally.

Daylon Soh, Communications Manager, Metalworks

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