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Grey Brazil inaugurates new phase with post-digital positioning

5 August, 2014

Walter Longo, Roberto Justus and Jim Heekin

The agency from Grupo Newcomm, presided by Roberto Justus, invests approximately R$ 5 million in an architectural project and cutting-edge technology.

Walter Longo and Sylvia Panico, the agency's president and COO, respectively, together with Jim Heekin, Grey Group’s CEO, announce accounts won during the merger process and the arrival of a new operation focused on the shopper marketing.

SÃO PAULO — Starting this month, Grey inaugurates a new phase in the Brazilian market as the result of the merger with New Energy, a Grupo Newcomm agency. Led by Walter Longo and Sylvia Panico, president and COO, respectively, the “new” agency is born with a post-digital positioning, a new board of directors and a shopper marketing operation, Grey Shopper. Aiming at being among the 10 biggest and most creative agencies in country in the next five years, approximately R$ 5 were invested in the new headquarters, which includes a cutting-edge technology structure.

According to Roberto Justus, Grupo Newcomm’s CEO and WPP's partner in the country, Grey Brazil reinforces the Group's expansion strategy, which completed 15 years in 2013. “After concluding the merger process, we are proud to count on two of the most important advertising networks in the world, which further increases our relevance in the Latin-American market,” says Justus.

To Jim Heekin, Grey Group’s CEO, this is an important landmark in Grey's trajectory in Brazil. Together with Tor Myhren, Heekin steered Grey to become Adweek’s Global Agency of the Year for 2013, AdvertisingAge Agency of the Year in 2014, and the company was considered one of the 50 most innovative companies in the world twice by Fast Company magazine. “We are delighted, along with Roberto Justus, to open Grey’s new high-tech headquarters in Brazil. Grey today is a premier total communications company and this new facility represents another step forward in expanding our capabilities in Brazil and the fast-growing Latin American region which is key to our future growth.”

In Brazil, the agency's board of directors is formed by multidisciplinary talents, most of them coming from the agencies New Energy and Grey/141. General Creation is led by the Brazilians Mariangela Silvani, Sergio Fonseca and the Uruguayan Frederico Russi. Leading the remaining areas are Davi Monteiro, general media director, Janaína Luna, general account services director, Marcia Esteves, Chief Digital Officer, Marcia Kuperman, general operations director, and Sumara Osorio, general planning director.

The new agency was designed to become one of the first agencies with a digital soul in Brazil. “From the start, we detected a great opportunity to build a truly post-digital agency, from the work processes to the physical space,” Walter explains, highlighting the Grey Lab, equipped with recently-arrived technological innovations in our market, such as Google Glass, Oculus, Myo and Chromecast.

Also as part of the positioning, and due to the great concentration of demands in live marketing, by the end of the year the agency will officially announce the beginning of Grey Shopper's operation, a network belonging to Grey Group “What defines the post-digital culture is the digital-experience concept, the optimized integration of high tech/ high touch. That’s why we will cover these two universes,” Longo defines. In the country, Grey Shopper will be directed by Albano Neto, previously responsible for Labstore.

Already under Walter Longo and Sylvia Panico’s command, and still during the operation integration process, Grey Brasil closed 2013 with 35% growth in comparison to the previous year. In 2014, the forecast is to close the year with a growth of about 10% in comparison to 2013. Among the clients won within the period are Gillette (Deodorants), Gafisa (leading contractors and consultants in the Brazilian market), the Government of Aruba, Masisa (one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of furniture panels and interior design) and Vênus (Gillette). The Brazilian unit also started acting as a Regional agency for the brands Pantene and Gillette, taking care of their communication throughout Latin America.

Grey Brazil also services some of the main national and international brands, such as 3M, Coca-Cola, GSK, Hasbro, HBO, HSBC, Universal, P&G, Senac, Stiefel and SulAmérica Seguros. “By inaugurating the new headquarters together with a team of extremely talented and dedicated managers and collaborators, we’re sure we're on the right track to make of Grey one of the most important players in the Brazilian market’s new communication,”Sylvia concludes.

About the new headquarters
Grey Brazil was designed to be a unique and motivating space. It adopts the Brand Table concept, which groups professionals per brand and not per function. It also adopts the Clean Desk policy that, besides eliminating confidentiality problems, allows for a greater mobility of the professionals that login to any workstation, forming teams according to the specific project needs.

Based on that, several solutions were developed to facilitate the mobility of the teams, in the most sustainable way possible. Individual closets operated by biometry were created in the operational areas for collaborators to keep their personal belongings. The telephone and network systems were also developed for fonts and other devices to be contained inside the desks. The electric-power system includes equalized acoustics, individualized air-conditioning per room and low-consumption light bulbs, besides taking advantage of the abundant natural lighting. There are also videoconference rooms equipped with technological resources to stimulate meetings at a distance, an option to reduce the time spent in São Paulo’s intense traffic. Among the common areas, it's worth pointing out the “Square” with a café and a view of the external garden (exclusive to this floor in the building).

Grey LAB is a room focused on technological data and experiences equipped with modern tools. Control panels and dashboards follow digital-campaign results in real time, including their main clients’ market trends in Brazil and the world. Grey LAB also offers collaborators a series of experiments to develop innovative actions and campaigns on different platforms. In this first moment, the platforms available are Google Glass, Oculus, Myo, Leap Motion, Lytro and Chromecast, a resource that allows for the display of smartphone content directly on the TV, besides Xbox One with a series of new apps. “We will gradually supply and broaden our lab's capacity with many novelties. The idea is to test and assess the equipment and use it as a means of unfolding campaigns and thus generate new relationships between brands and consumers,” Walter Longo comments.

About Grey Group
Grey Group ranks among the largest global communications companies and its parent company is WPP (NASDAQ: WPPGY). With headquarters in New York City, Grey operates in 96 countries and 154 cities. Under the banner of “Grey Famously Effective since 1917” Grey serves a blue-chip client roster of many of the world’s best known companies and leading brands.

Grey was voted 2014 Agency of the Year by Advertising Age; 2013 Global Agency of the Year by Adweek; 2013 SHOOT Agency of the Year; 2013 and 2012 Euro Effies Agency of the Year and Fast Company named Grey to “The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies.” Grey was honored in Creativity’s A-list of the 10 Most Creative Agencies in the World 2013, as well as taking top honors as Forbes magazine’s "Best All-around Ad Agency.”

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About Grupo Newcomm
Founded in 1998 by Roberto Justus, in 2004 Grupo Newcomm became a partner of WPP, the biggest communication conglomerate in the world. In 2011, Marcos Quintela, Y&R president, also became part of the partnership. Besides Y&R, presently Grupo Newcomm owns the agencies Grey Brasil, Wunderman, VML and Red Fuse, besides the company Ação Premedia e Tecnologia. For more information, visit

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