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Kantar Media highlights risk car makers take

26 September, 2013

TGI Automotive Archetypes

If they do not review their target audience segmentation before embarking on their next marketing campaign

New insights reveal disconnect between the cars that people would like to buy and what they ultimately purchase

New insights from Kantar Media show that there is often a big disconnect between the cars that people would like to buy and what they finally purchase.

A segmentation from Kantar Media TGI of more than 2 million people in Britain intending to buy a car in the next six months highlights their motivations and aspirations, as well as their actual purchasing behaviour.

Dreaming Drivers’ are a group of car buyers who like to drive a car that reflects a sense of style and has a good specification. However, a common reality of their lives is that they are middle aged with children at home and don’t have a huge amount of money to spend on a car. This means that whilst they are a third more likely than the average car buyer to intend to buy a BMW, they are also around half as likely as the average to actually own one. This explains why the car-related programme they are most likely to have watched (as revealed by research from Kantar Media Audiences i) is ‘World’s Most Expensive Car’. Aspiration and pragmatism share no common ground for this group of people, who represent the largest group of car buyers in Britain.

Other automotive archetypes revealed in the segmentation are:

• ‘Speedy Singles’ tend to drive high performance and well respected car brands to satisfy their wish to drive fast and have a car that expresses their personality. However, despite this and their readiness to spend significant amounts of money on a car, they are not significantly more likely to buy any particular car brand than other car buyers. This is because no single brand has yet sufficiently engaged with this valuable audience and what motivates them when it comes to motoring.

• ‘Practical Parkers’ are the smallest group of car buyers and have little interest in cars, needing one only for practical purposes. This is not a collection of people who engage with vehicle brands. Insight from Kantar Media Audiences reveals they are less likely than the average adult to watch automotive-related TV programmes. They do not intend to spend very much on their next car compared to the other car buyers and their general outlook in life is skewed towards the local and low risk, rather than burning rubber and having a car that expresses personality. Renault, Citroen and Ford are amongst the practical vehicles of choice for this group.

• For ‘Status Seekers’ image is everything. Brand image, comfort and company reputation all feature highly when they choose a car. However, some of them have the means to afford the car that matches this image and for others it is just a pipe dream. Nevertheless, this group’s intended spend on their next car is higher than that of any other segment of car buyers. High end marques like Audi and Mercedes-Benz top the list of vehicles they are mostly likely to intend to buy. This group also watches more car-related TV programmes than any other audience.
• ‘Ethical Empathisers’ are a group particularly likely to pay more for environmentally friendly products. Amongst the car brands they are particularly likely to intend to buy is SEAT, which doesn’t appear high up on the wish list of the other segments but has a prominent ‘Ecomotive’ green car range.

Anne Benoist, director, Kantar Media TGI, comments ‘When it comes to car purchasing, it is especially critical that car manufacturers and marketers understand exactly what it is prompting consumers’ decisions, because the stakes are so high and the competition so fierce. Our segmentation of the consumer circumstances and motivations behind car purchases reveals valuable groups that are neglected by the industry and other segments that might appear more valuable than they are, where aspiration outstrips reality’. 

Automotive Archetypes Infographic (jpg).

i Information derived from Kantar Media Audiences is taken from BARB programme data using an audience base of Adults 16+. We additionally looked at the speciality automotive audiences, by fusing TGI questions with BARB data (TGR survey).

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