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The Wacky Race for Peugeot 208 in Brazil is on

7 May, 2013

The Wacky Races

The mega advertising production created by Y&R Brazil introduces the 208, Peugeot's new icon, to the Brazilian market.

For the first time, some of the historical characters from the Wacky Race, a Hanna-Barbera cartoon owned by Warner Bros Studios, came to “life” under the direction of Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, one of the most prestigious directors in the world.

Peugeot officially presents to the Brazilian market its new icon: the Peugeot 208, one of the most expected launches of the year in the automotive sector. A global vehicle produced at the Porto Real Production Center (RJ), PSA Peugeot Citroën's factory in Brazil, the model has just arrived at the dealership chain after three years of work involving 780 people from the company's Research, Development and Design teams and consuming R$ 800 million, part of the R$ 3.7 billion injected in the country by the company for the period between 2010 and 2015.

To translate the unique sensation of driving the Peugeot 208, Y&R Brazil developed the concept “It's another world inside it,” bringing to “life” some of the historical characters from the Wacky race for the first time. The cartoon was created in 1968 by Hanna-Barbera studios (presently integrated into Warner Bros). The film for open and pay TV aired last week for the first time and can also be seen in a one-and-a-half-minute version on the Internet.

According to Frederico Battaglia, Marketing Director at Peugeot, to point out the generation leap represented by the new brand's compact hatchback they decided to develop a robust communication strategy, as ambitious as the plans for the launch and as innovating in the language as in the technology, interior architecture and external design of the car. “Besides seeking impact, we decided that a priority would be highlighting the experience enabled by the Peugeot 208. Our decision was to go beyond the beauty of the new model and emphasize what the whole set is capable of doing,” says Battaglia.

Shot in Spain, the production brought the strangest and most fun characters in the cartoon world. “In this film, we were able to portray how the life of those in traffic is a rat race out of a 208 in a fun and incisive manner and reinforce that once in the car, the rest is just the rest,” reveals Rui Branquinho, Creative VP at Y&R. The campaign also includes print-media ads, radio spots, an on-line strategy and differentiated actions throughout the year.

Under the direction of one of the most prestigious directors in the world, Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, produced by the British Partizan ( represented in Brazil by Movie&Art), the film introduces the Peugeot 208 as a hero car and shows its high performance when facing the competition of adversaries such as the Slag Brothers and their Boulder Mobile, The Ant Hill Mob and their Bullet Proof Bomb, the Gruesome Twosome and their Creepy Coupe, Red Max and his Crimson Haybailor, Peter Perfect and his Turbo Terrific, Sergeant Blast and Private Meekley in the Arm Surplus Special and Dick Dastardly and Muttley in the Mean Machine.

The scenes overtaking each one of the rivals resorts to 3D effects and works as a resource to highlight the model differentials: automatic transmission with paddle shift, sky roof, LED daytime running lights, touchscreen multimedia center, sports steering wheel, besides the design, of course.

In the end of the race, the winner opens the door of the 208 to rescue the girl: the famous Penelope Pitstop, interpreted by the actress Jessica Ellis, who appears in front of her Compact Pussycat. The extra touch of humor is granted by Muttley, Dick Dastardly's faithful companion, who is left on the road by the couple.

“When I read the script, I saw it was one of the best I had ever received. I told our production team that we couldn't let it go by and it was easy to convince them; after all, it was the first time someone proposed bringing the Wacky Race to life,” says Bardou-Jacquet.

The production required five shoot days and involved professionals of several nationalities, such as Brazil, France, Italy, England and Australia. The racecars also came from several European countries, such as France, Spain, England and even Finland.

The print-media pieces follow the same concept as the film and have graphic strength as their main characteristic. In the ads, the car appears in a tunnel where, besides the Wacky Race elements, there is a stylish graphitti created by Zombie Studio that transmits agility and urbanity. The pieces also inform more details of the car differential to the consumers.

The campaign was created by Fabio Tedeschi, Leandro Camara, Felipe Pavani, Victor Sant'Anna and Rui Branquinho, under the creative direction of Victor Sant'Anna and Rui Branquinho.

Peugeot's new compact hatchback joins elegance and dynamism in its lines, high technology expressed in the offer of equipment before only found in superior segments, and a completely rethought interior design. With the 1.5 L Flex motor, the 208 won the “A” classification in the Brazilian Vehicular Classification Program, from Inmetro. The model is also offered with the 1.6 L Flex Start thruster, which no longer needs the gasoline start-up tank for the cold start.

With a 3-year total warranty and a revision package with highly competitive flat fees, the car arrives in Brazil less than one year after being launched in Europe. As one of the most important elements in the Brand's operations in Brazil, the Peugeot 208 completes in the national market the renewal of the brand's range, which in 2010 began a strong commercial offensive action with no less than eight launches (3008, 408, RCZ, 408 THP, 308, 508, 308 CC and 308 THP).

Peugeot started its operations in Brazil in 1992 as an importer. In 1999, it launched in the country the 206 model, which at the time revolutionized the compact-car segment. The model was the first Peugeot car produced in the country as of 2001, as soon as the PSA Peugeot Citroën factory in Porto Real (RJ) was inaugurated. Presently, with 21 years of presence in the national market, the Brand has 170 points of sale and counts on one of the most modern vehicle ranges in the country.

One of the most prestigious directors in the world, Antoine signed up with the producers Partizan (represented in Brazil by Movie&Art) in 2000 and has already won some of the most coveted awards in the advertising market. Among them are Lions at Cannes, BTAA and D&AD. He began his career as a graphic designer, designing logos and album covers, until he migrated to audiovisual.

One of his first works was a video for DJ Alex Gopher, with which he stood out for the typographic work. That led him to the world of commercials. Among his works are the multi-awarded “Cog,” for Honda, Honda Cog is the most awarded commercial in the history of commercials (Guiness book of records)! and its sequence, “Choir.” Antoine has also worked for brands such as Vodafone, Playstation, Visa, Shell and Vittel, among others.

The cartoon was created in 1968 by Hanna-Barbera studios (presently integrated into Warner Bros). The production shows, in a 34-episode series (besides the spin-offs), now historical characters going after the title of "Wackiest Driver in the World.” Peter Perfect, Rufus Ruffcut and Sawtooth, Professor Pat Pending, Sergeant Blast, the Slag Brothers, Penelope Pitstop, the Gruesome Twosome, Red Max, Lazy Luke and Blubber Bear and Dick Dastardly and his friend Muttley were some of the participants of this wacky rally.

The licensing division of Warner Bros (WBCP) is the area responsible for the licensing of the studio's characters for the development of products, promotions, live entertainment and Clip Licensing, the licensing of characters for advertising campaigns (a highly used tool in the American market that has gradually been growing in Brazil). WBCP's office in Brazil has an area dedicated to working with advertising agencies to manage and facilitate the entire development process for a campaign involving characters, like in this Y&R project for Peugeot.

In Brazil, Y&R belongs to Grupo Newcomm, partners of WPP, the biggest communication conglomerate in the world. As the market leader in the country for 11 years, according to Ibope Monitor institute, the Brazilian agency also became the most awarded in the network that counts on 186 units in 90 countries at the last edition of the Cannes International Creativity Festival, and for the second consecutive year stayed among the five Brazilian agencies that most won Lions at the event. In its client portfolio, it counts on the prestige of accounts such as Alelo, American Express, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bradesco, Casas Bahia, Colgate-Palmolive, Danone, Elo, Honda Motos, Grupo Petrópolis, Hopi Hari, LG, Peugeot, Ponto Frio, TAM, Texaco and Vivo.

Click here and watch the movie!

Client: Peugeot
Product: Peugeot 208
Title: Wacky Races
Lenght: 1X60”/ 1X30”/ 1X5”
Creative director: Victor Sant'Anna/ Rui Branquinho
Creative team: Fabio Tedeschi/ Leandro Camara/ Felipe Pavani/ Victor Sant'Anna/ Rui Branquinho
Account manager: Alessandro Cardoni / Waleska Bueno / Marina Freitas / Ana Coelho
Client approval: Frédéric Drouin / Frederico Battaglia / Alessandra Souza / Stephanie Sliepen
Planner: David Laloum / Cesar Ortiz / João Gabriel Fernandes / Rodrigo Magalhães
Media team: Gustavo Gaion / Gabriela David / Rafael Leal
Agency producer: Nicole Godoy/ Camila Naito/ Cleo Goncalves
Film production company: Partizan/ Movie & Art
Director: Antoine Bardou-Jacquet
Director of photography: Damien Morisot
Executive producer: Madeleine Sanderson/ Georges Bermann/ Douglas Costa/ David Stewart, Paulo Dantas
Account manager – film production company: Regiani Pettinelli/ Douglas Costa
Editing: Bill Smedley
Post production: ETC London
Sound production company: A9 audio
Sound producer: Apollo 9 e Henrique Racz
Account manager – sound production company: Roberto Faria
Audio finalization: Factory UK
Production: April 2013

Client: Peugeot
Media: Press
Product: Peugeot 208
Campaign title: Wacky Races
Chief Creative Officer: Rui Branquinho
Creative Director: Victor Sant'Anna, Eugênio Mohallem
Art Director: Felipe Pavani, Leandro Camara
Copywriter: Eugênio Mohallem, Victor Sant'Anna, Fábio Tedeschi
Art Buyer: Monica Beretta, Giuliano Springhetti
Illustrations: Zombie Studio, Macacolândia
Print Agency Producer: Elaine Carvalho, Robinson Silva, Ronaldo Cavalcante, Lilian Destefani
Account Manager: Alessandro Cardoni, Waleska Bueno, Marina Freitas, Ana Coelho
Planner: David Laloum, João Gabriel Fernandes, Rodrigo Magalhães, Cesar Ortiz
Media team: Gustavo Gaion, Gabriela Ben David, Rafael Leal
Client approval: Frédéric Drouin, Frederico Battaglia, Alessandra Souza, Stephanie Sliepen
Published: April, 20th 2013

Y&R Brazil - Media enquiries:
Gê Rocha - Communications Director
Tel: +55 11 3026-4560 / +55 11 3026-4400

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