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WPP Statement on Dismissal of NDTV Law Suit

10 March, 2013

Further to the dismissal, in its entirety, of the law suit issued in the Supreme Court of New York by New Delhi Television Limited ("NDTV") against WPP and other parties, including WPP's Kantar Group Limited:

As previously noted, NDTV's case was dismissed 4 March 2013 by the court on jurisdiction (“forum non conveniens”) grounds, on the basis that there were "minimal contacts" with New York.

Further, the court did in fact address the causes of action raised by NDTV.

According to a transcript of the oral argument and the decision rendered by the Court, Judge Sherwood stated that if he were to look at the various claims he would dismiss those claims as well:

“The Court could go on and look at the claims aimed at dismissing the individual causes of action. In the interests of time I am not going to do that. Although, I will tell you that were I to go through them all I would dismiss those claims, as well.[...] I could go on and talk about the other causes of action for fraud and breach of contract and so on […] And were I to go through those The Court would dismiss those, as well.”

WPP is pleased with the Court's decision and welcomes the complete dismissal of this ill founded and inappropriate law suit. WPP is confident that if NDTV elects to appeal this decision in New York the judge’s well reasoned decision will be affirmed.

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