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Wootocracy - Show the world your precious belongings

7 June, 2013


BUDAPEST, HUNGARY — Wootocracy is here to show off what you own and collect what you want. A new platform where you can collect and inventorize everything you have, and where the focus is not on buying items.

“We believe that people are more loyal to those brands and products that they “own” and not to those they just like. They care about them and are more likely to put them on the display. Everyone has a bunch of things that they love more than others do, and are really proud of. The Christian Louboutin shoes you bought a week ago, the superb lamp you’ve found at the flea market, the Xbox you had first among your friends, or the beloved little teddy bear, who is just as important for you as your cat.” said Andras Király, project leader of Wootocracy.

On Wootocracy, everything is connected. Gaining points will give you achievements, reaching levels one after the other means more and more energy. Energy is refilling constantly, but it is an important part of the game, since you need energy for some activities on the site. And when we say game, we mean it! Just like in the big game of life, and it’s not just about having fun: if you are really obsessed with a brand, be sure, Wootocracy will reward it.

“Wootocracy’s fun factor lies in its new approach to social gaming. If you collect a certain amount of points referred to a specific brand, Wootocracy will promote you to a brand ambassador, which means you will receive special offers, products for testing, and many more goodies from your beloved brands. That’s good both for the brands and the brand lovers” said Krisztián Tóth, CEO of CarnationGroup, ideator of Wootocracy, adding that ambassadors will come to Wootocracy only in the near future after the fine tuning of the site’s open beta state. Wootocracy is the latest project by the R&D divison of CarnationGroup, part of POSSIBLE. The team previously gained interest with award-winning projects like Totoya Creatures, Pangalaktik App Campus and

They are also using a new term: instead of Like, you enter the Democracy of Woot. Besides your own stuff, you can show your taste by “wooting” the things you appreciate in any way. Connecting to friends and other users with similar taste gives you a magazine of everything you might find interesting. And if you came across with something you would like to have one day, just add it to your wish list to show your preferences to your friends. You may have a better Christmas or Birthday this year!

Wootocracy is in constant change. In a few weeks Wootocracy will launch its mobile sidekick. In the meantime, the engine is learning a lot about you, your products and the brands. The creators say that much of the upcoming features also depends on the activity of the users.

Get points for uploading your stuff. On Wootocray you get points, badges, achievements, and tasks to complete. Reach levels to unlock more and more features!
A magazine of your friends’ cool products. Wootocracy is also like a long page full of everything your friends have. Don’t be envy ;)
Be a brand ambassador! (coming soon) Playing a lot means benefits for you. If you edit or comment the products of your favorite brands, Wootocracy promotes you to a brand ambassador and occasionally gives you special offers from those brands.

WOOT - Show your taste. Woot things you appreciate, but would never had. There are so many things, that are just cool.
OWN - Collect your belongings. Show off your CD collection or your awesome shoes! List everything!
WISH - Manage your wishlist. Let your followers know your preferences, you may have a better Christmas or Birthday this year!
CONNECTIONS - Find people with similar taste. Check out who owns the same stuffs as you do.


András Király - project leader
+36 30 974 72 49

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