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mJoule Launches First Mobile Campaign

20 February, 2013


Based on MMA standard, the platform delivers real-time, transparent, and efficient mobile campaign management for advertisers

BEIJING – GroupM China mobile marketing agency mJoule has officially launched China’s first mobile marketing campaign management system (CMS) and platform based on the mobile monitoring standard issued by MMA China in December 2012. The platform enables advertisers to manage mobile marketing projects efficiently and transparently in real-time.  

Independently designed and developed by mJoule from idea to online beta execution, the CMS web-based version 1.0 backend management platform features both data and content functionality, and will be upgraded in step with sector technology enhancements. The CMS platform integrates into a single interface all mJoule mobile marketing services, including campaign creation, planning, and media management, allowing advertisers to monitor campaigns and their effectiveness in real-time. Via this new platform, clients can mine historical data from multiple projects, analyze user behavior, and use these insights to guide creative production and ad targeting for future mobile campaigns. The CMS platform also delivers performance evaluation and assessment of mobile publishers to enable advertisers to optimize their media buys.

"With the arrival of the mobile Internet, brand clients sense the huge potential in mobile,” noted Craig Zhang, CEO of mJoule. “Based on the newly-released MMA China mobile ad monitoring standards, the CMS platform will enable advertisers to standardize campaign flow, optimize mobile ad placements, and better leverage mobile strengths in “accuracy” and “personalization. All of this will further drive value for our clients,” added Zhang. Tony Chen, President, GroupM Interaction China added, "The mJoule CMS platform is unique in the market, and will play a critical role, enabling clients to manage mobile marketing projects more intuitively, efficiently, and transparently. The CMS platform will also drive greater investment in mobile campaigns.”

About mJoule
mJoule is a joint venture between GroupM (a WPP company) and Joule (a tenthavenue company) established to orchestrate all GroupM mobile marketing campaigns in China. mJoule is China’s leading mobile marketing agency, providing its clients with mobile strategy, creative execution, technology development, media services, data analysis, and client relations management.

Media Contact
Diana Wang  
+86 21 2307 7703

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