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I-Behavior launches Digital Audiences and DMP Services in Brazil

30 April, 2013


LOUISVILLE, COLORADO — I-Behavior, the premier provider of database marketing and behavioral targeting services is expanding its international footprint into Brazil. With the significant growth in online display advertising in Latin America, I-Behavior recognized a significant opportunity to provide digital marketing and DMP services to the Brazilian market. As a KBM Group Company, I-Behavior is launching in Brazil as part of the Wunderman network Brazil, which also includes the agency, Wunderman, and the digital production company, Wunderman Technologies.

With the addition of I-Behavior’s Digital Audiences and Zipline DMP Services to Wunderman trading desk services, clients of Wunderman will benefit from the enhanced targeting capabilities available for their online campaigns. Further, I-Behavior’s Zipline DMP will allow any company to onboard their offline data for use in online display and email campaigns, as well as provide a data monetization service that can be made available to publishers and other data originators in Brazil. “We feel the timing is right for Wunderman network to play an instrumental role in bringing targeted online display to our clients and other marketers in Brazil. Online media spending continues to grow at exponential rates in our country, and we feel fortunate to be able to harness I-Behavior’s capabilities to help us bring the enhanced performance of data audience targeting to the online advertising marketplace,” said Wunderman network Brazil president Eduardo Bicudo. According to Dave DeMarsh, I-Behavior CEO, “it’s a wonderful win-win arrangement for all parties. We’re excited about the opportunity to bring proven experience in digital targeting, and data onboarding with our Data Management Platform to the Brazil market.” I-Behavior opened an office in the U.K. to provide data cooperative, digital marketing and DMP services to companies in the EU in April 2012, and identified Brazil as the next market for expansion in 2013.

Ellen Bossert

About I-Behavior
I-Behavior provides consumer and business transaction data that helps multi-channel merchants invest marketing dollars more effectively. With I-Behavior intelligence, online and direct marketing campaigns reach the individuals who are most likely to purchase your products and services, as determined by past buying behavior. I-Behavior’s cooperative database includes more than 2,500 data-contributing members and 190 million individuals representing more than $400 billion in online and offline purchases. I-Behavior was acquired in November 2010 by KBM Group and is a member of the WPP organization and part of the Wunderman network.  

About I-Behavior Zipline
I-Behavior’s Zipline data management platform provides data onboarding and monetization services for brands, agencies, publishers, CRM managers and ad networks. Zipline can also manage these data assets for efficient sales and distribution across I-Behavior’s ad network and DSP partners.  

About Wunderman
In 2012, Advertising Age ranked the Wunderman network the #1 digital and #1 CRM agency in the world. The Wunderman network has 170 offices in 60 countries and specialist teams in social, mobile, shopper, data and analytics that add depth and breadth to a full range of digital, data and client solutions.
In Brazil, the network holds one of the country’s top digital agencies, Wunderman, and a leading digital production company, Wunderman Technologies.

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