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Newspaper instead of TV: Lisa Simpson a "clever mind"

11 April, 2013

The Simpsons

In an image series by the F.A.Z., American cartoon icon Lisa Simpson chooses high-quality journalism made in Germany – and turns her back on TV

BERLIN — The image is one known to millions and holds a special place in the hearts of fans: the Simpsons sitting together on their sofa in front of the family goggle box. However, while the rest of the famous TV family watches the television with rapt attention, Lisa Simpson makes a statement by choosing to pursue a different passion: she reads an F.A.Z. newspaper. For the new motif in the “clever mind” image series by Scholz & Friends Berlin, the world's smartest eight-year-old hides behind an issue of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung daily newspaper.

Named after the sister of the series inventor, Matt Groening, Lisa is a proponent of the vegetarian lifestyle, feminism, environmentalism, jazz music and human rights activism – and in one episode is even elected President of the United States. Her fans in Germany will therefore likely not be surprised to see this extraordinary second-grader reading the F.A.Z. on occasion, in addition to titles by Emily Dickinson and Virginia Woolf. After all, the Simpson daughter's heart has long been fond of issues with social relevance far beyond her yellow cartoon world.

Airing in Germany since 1991, the US TV series The Simpsons takes a critical look at real-life events time after time, one reason among many why it has received numerous awards over the years – including 27 Emmy Awards and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The current “Clever Minds” motif was developed by the studios of the Simpsons illustrators in Santa Monica, California. Just which section of the F.A.Z. she usually likes to read most was something Lisa did not disclose during production, however. In addition to the politics and science sections, people speculate that she greatly enjoys the culture section.

Since 1995 the F.A.Z. campaign has been referencing social issues and current events, and has long been considered a classic. Among other awards, the most highly decorated German advertising campaign received the award for “Anzeigenmotiv des Jahres” (Advertising Motif of the Year) at the 2009 Lead Awards for the image with literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki. All in all, over 80 celebrities from all walks of society have been photographed for the F.A.Z. – always behind the open newspaper.

The image with Lisa Simpson will be seen in many newspapers and magazines from 13 April 2013 onwards – and of course in the F.A.Z. and Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung themselves. Printable versions of the image can be downloaded at Previously published images and the making-of film can be found there as well.

Client: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Managing Directors: Tobias Trevisan (Spokesperson), Dr Roland Gerschermann
Contact for Communication: Andreas Tazl

Agency: Scholz & Friends Berlin
Executive Board Member Scholz & Friends Group: Martin Pross
Managing Directors: Matthias Spaetgens, Stefan Wegner
Creative Directors: Momme Clausen, Philipp-Daniel Weber, Felix John
Consulting: Marie Toya Gaillard, Anke Oßwald, Claudia Diaz Sanchez, Tim Kallweit

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