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Digital campaigning drives political success

7 November, 2012


Blue State Digital Congratulates 22 Victorious Clients Including Obama for America and Marriage Initiatives

Data-driven social media and CRM strategies, innovative campaign tools, and nimble creative execution were key factors impacting the 2012 political races that swept Democrats to victory and won historic battles for gay marriage in four new states.

Blue State Digital is proud to have helped President Obama win re-election – and to have its founder, Joe Rospars, serve as the principal digital strategist for the historic 2008 and 2012 campaigns.

In addition to Obama for America, Blue State Digital supported more than 20 high profile races, including:
  • Tammy Baldwin for Senate
  • Friends of Sherrod Brown
  • Montanans for Jon Tester
  • Elizabeth Warren for Senate
  • Anne Kirkpatrick for Arizona
  • The pro-marriage campaigns in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington
“Technology innovation such as our quick donate program that processed almost $100 million in individual contributions was central to our digital strategy and gave us a decided edge,” noted Jascha Franklin-Hodge, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer for BSD. “Our teams have spent the past four years building a platform that can send over 100M emails in 24 hours and processes more online contributions than any other service. Ease of use and reliability is what campaigns need for success.”

Since its origins on Howard Dean’s presidential campaign in 2004, BSD, now part of WPP Digital, continues to serve a long list of candidates and causes around the world. And in recent years, the firm has expanded its client roster by applying the same principles of online engagement to global brands, services, and cultural institutions.

“Marketers today have a lot to learn from the successes of this year’s campaigns,” explained Thomas Gensemer, Managing Partner of BSD. “At their core, our job is to help clients understand the value and potential of their loyal fans and customers by putting them in the middle of your message, letting them own a piece of it, and providing the tools to help you succeed. We’re thrilled to have worked with so many inspiring causes and candidates this year.”

About Blue State Digital
Blue State Digital (BSD), founded in 2004, develops and executes multi-platform online engagement campaigns for some of the world's most influential brands, institutions, causes, and individuals. The firm’s work builds communities and mobilizes them to act, whether by signing up for an email list, donating money, or expressing lasting loyalty to a product or campaign.

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