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Embracing Out of Home – Data and Best Practise are King

6 November, 2012


LONDON — Any planner involved in a campaign including Out of Home (OOH) has probably come across measurement challenges: a) exactly what impact did this channel have on a client’s KPIs compared to online or TV? b) how much could you attribute to the creative? and c) given a multitude of other factors, what presence should OOH have on the client’s campaign going forward?

Ultimately, all of these questions involve accurately measuring the return on investment (ROI) for OOH. Evaluating marketing ROI can be a complex task at the best of times. Many brands nowadays use econometrics – a form of quantitative research that uses statistics to evaluate what factors influence sales. The great thing about econometrics is not just that it can answer all the questions above, but that it takes into consideration everything – marketing, the economy, climate, social media, PR and other factors that might influence sales - and strips out the true effects on KPI’s.

However, the challenge to date with measuring OOH is that the data on this channel has been less granular than other media – with agencies often using fortnightly spend or number of panels as an explanatory variable as opposed to the regional rating data available with TV. This can cause measurement to be biased within a multi- channel campaign and lead to a loss of confidence in the ROI calculated.

With the advent of POSTAR’s new measurement system, data will be much improved to help measurement. For example, the new GPS measurement of travel patterns will increase the accuracy of how often individual OOH sites are being exposed to consumers. The new system also enjoys greater coverage, a bigger sample and the ability to integrate other media research such as Touchpoints and TGI.

But having the right data is only part of the story. Ohal has created a unique approach to ensure that the technique employed in measuring ROI for OOH drives high levels of confidence for planners and marketers. Using 40 years of experience, Ohal has developed a 5* test to help when evaluate a practitioner’s approach to measuring the effectiveness of OOH. Asking how many of these criteria have been met will enable all parties to establish how robustly the result for OOH have been measured and finally help answer the question – how is OOH performing for us?

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About Ohal
Ohal Limited is one of the world's leading research and insight consultancies measuring the effectiveness of marketing.

Having pioneered the use of econometrics to measure the sales effectiveness of media and marketing activities for 40 years, Ohal specialise in bespoke, in-depth analysis and consultancy which enables marketers to achieve their brand objectives.

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