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VML Qais helps fans ‘timejump’ on Facebook for Men In Black 3

23 May, 2012


SINGAPORE — Cutting edge digital agency VML Qais achieved highest ever engagement for Sony Pictures Singapore by gamifying Facebook’s new timeline feature, sending fans ‘timejumping’ like their favourite characters in Men In Black 3.

Facebook users and brands are still unsure about the new timeline feature which, without proper understanding, can impact social media exposure and visibility. Since timeline was implemented, eye tracking studies have shown that users do not engage with a page's content nearly as much as they used to. They tend to look at the branding assets (e.g. cover photo, app thumbnails and profile picture) much more. Generally speaking, Facebook users rarely re-visit a Facebook brand page once they have Liked it. Most engagement happens in NewsFeed.

The aim was to gamify Facebook’s timeline feature, exploiting it in a fun and entertaining way so that users could better engage and interact with the content. The campaign gave customers an incentive to delve into the Sony Pictures Singapore timeline and experience much more content.

The campaign started with call to action ‘The Men In Black Want You’ on the Sony Pictures Singapore Facebook page featuring the iconic still image of the movie’s three main stars. Clicking Like gave fans access to a hunt for clues across time, mirroring the movie’s storyline in which J ‘timejumps’ back to meet partner K in his younger years. By manipulating the page’s Facebook timeline, fans embarked on Missions like #1 ‘Locate Jeffrey the worm’. The first instruction: “You must TIME JUMP to 1 July 1997 for the first clue. Go!” led fans on a hunt through the site’s timeline, culminating in the location of the alien and a surprise for the most engaged fans. Five such missions were set during a two-week period 7-17 May 2012.

Gamifying Timeline created the highest levels of engagement ever on the Sony Pictures Singapore Facebook page. Content for MIB 3 on the page saw an increase in virality, the highest peaked at 23.53%, with a peak in reach at 264,256 (approx. 5100% jump from the page norm). When each alien was found, fans posted lengthy and interactive comments, an average of 32 comments during the campaign period per alien. There were a total of 163 comments generated. Overall, the campaign alone generated 1,026 ‘people talking about’ which is the metric for shares, likes and comments. 

Media enquiries:
Magz Osborne
Regional Communications Director
Y&R Asia
Tel: +65 6671 3106
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About VML Qais
VML Qais is the Asian arm of the VML network, serving the region from offices in Singapore and India. VML Qais is an award-winning, strategic, full-services digital agency. Since 2004, it has been helping multinational clients, government agencies and digital start-ups to chart their digital course and implement groundbreaking online initiatives. Its service lines include digital and marketing strategy, user experience, technology development, research and analytics, mobile and channel management, social media, search marketing, online advertising, and media management services.

About Y&R
Y&R is one of the world's leading global marketing communications companies. The agency’s work spans the communications spectrum and reflects the transformation that digital has driven across all media. We bring together the most experienced and most passionate leaders in strategic planning, channel planning, digital proficiency, and creative to create exceptional storytelling campaigns that build strong connections between our clients and their customers all around the globe.

In the past few years, the agency’s work has gained strong recognition by the industry. Y&R moved up to #6 from #14 on the Gunn Report and RKCR/Y&R is #1 in the U.K. and ranks #5 on Gunn's most awarded agency table. In 2010 at Cannes, Y&R was the #3 network worldwide. Y&R New York was the most awarded in the U.S. and #2 worldwide. The agency was also Network of the Year at the Art Directors Club, London International Awards and EPICA. This past year, Y&R added Network of the Year honors from the Dubai Lynx Awards to its credits and held on to the #1 ranking at the Art Directors.

Y&R has 186 offices in 90 countries around the world. Its clients are some of the world’s most prestigious global brands, including Virgin Atlantic, Xerox, Revlon, Beeline, Campbell’s Soup Company, Colgate-Palmolive, Danone, GAP, Land Rover, MTV, LG and Telefonica, to name a few.

About Y&R Asia
The Y&R Asia network is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in China, Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Malaysia.

The Y&R Philosophy – Resist The Usual
We are united around a single mission: To Resist the Usual. This philosophy is at the heart of everything we do – our approach to business, our creative product, client relationships, our people. We live to innovate, to differentiate ourselves and our clients.

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