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GPY&R Melbourne helps the Air Force do the impossible

16 March, 2012


Impossible Airfield, an initiative created by George Patterson Y&R for Defence Force Recruiting, is a full-scale military operation that sets out to prove to the Australian public that the Air Force isn’t just a bunch of flashy pilots.

The three-part online series features 250 troops from a multitude of unsung roles, from plumbers and medics to cooks and logistics personnel, as they attempt the impossible: To travel to the middle of nowhere, build a fully operational airfield and land their largest aircraft, a C-17 Globemaster, in just 36 hours.

Each episode contains hotlinks that allow viewers to explore and learn more about the featured jobs from the troops themselves. This in-depth view of the mission serves not only as a documentary but also as an interactive recruitment ad.

CD Chris Northam says, ”Impossible Airfield is the biggest, most ambitious project we’ve undertaken for the Defence Force. Watching the Air Force take on this challenge was a huge thrill. The leadership, the hardware, and the way they operate under pressure – it’s seriously impressive. Now hopefully when people think Air Force, they won’t immediately think of Maverick and Goose. ”

Kate Mathews, Air Force Marketing Manager says, “This is a huge launch for Air Force, as it shapes a new era of long form content allowing the user an insight into what it is really like to be in the Air Force. This campaign will make people view Air Force differently, positioning it as a combat organisation ready to respond Anytime, Anywhere.”


Air Force Marketing Manager: Kate Mathews
Air Force Senior Marketing Officer: Tim Bowden
Executive Creative Director: Ben Coulson
Creative Director: Chris Northam
Copywriter: Evan Roberts
Art Director: Chris Northam
TV Producer: Elizabeth Rocka, Sheridan Bott
Production company: @Radical
Director: Zach Merck
Executive Producer: Ian Fowler
Post production: Heckler
Sound production: Nylon Studios
Digital Creative Director: Mark Addy
Digital Art Director: Nick Sellars
Digital copywriter: Phon Vongdara
Technical Director: Brendan McMahon
Frontend Developer: Dilshan DeSilva
Digital Producer: Jess Krt
Digital designer: Janna Mamar, Kota Matsuda, Stephanie Kafkaris
Group Account Director: Julian Bell
Account Directors: Leah Champion, Alice Mason
Account Manager: Jenna Stafford
Digital Account Director: Simon Bolger

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