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POPSHOP launches - it’s like ‘pay with a tweet’ on steroids

11 June, 2012


LONDON — On June 11th, digital agency SYZYGY will officially launch their latest innovation tool; POPSHOP – a free wordpress tool for social sampling. POPSHOP’s been designed to help businesses, artists, brands and content creators optimise their product launches and content releases by making it easy for them to offer a free product or content sample in return for a social share.

Think of POPSHOP as 'Pay-with-a-Tweet' on steroids - it creates a temporary 'pop-up' event page for a website and Facebook page where free stuff can be offered for a social share in order to create social media buzz around a new launch or release, and drive viral awareness and trial. Customers simply pay for their free sample with a tweet, Like, Pin, +1 or LinkedIn share.

In an instant and with no set up cost, anyone looking for a promotion tool can use POPSHOP as a means to increase awareness, help build on an existing fan-base, activate fan advocacy, create social media buzz and hopefully lead to social commerce success.

POPSHOP also offers an alternative contact gate in which a user has to provide their contact details in return for access to the exclusive content.

Dr Paul Marsden, Social Media Strategist, SYZYGY and author of says ‘With many businesses turning to social media to deepen their relationship with their followers as well as reach new audiences, we wanted to create a simple tool that could support this. We deliberately wanted POPSHOP to be open source so that the tech community can help us to advance its functionality. Making it free allows anyone to install, use and adapt for their own purposes and we look forward to seeing how POPSHOP Is used and by whom in the coming months.’

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To demo popshop for yourself please visit:  
(in return for a share, receive a free download of 1st chapter of Dr Paul Marsden’s ‘The F-Commerce Handbook; 10 secrets for unlocking the sales potential’)

For full information and to download POPSHOP please visit:  

For further information on POPSHOP features:
For further information contact:
Anna Mackay, Syzygy: +44 (0) 20 3206 4009 /  

About POPSHOP (  
A free wordpress tool for social sampling.

About SYZYGY (  
SYZYGY is one of Europe's leading digital agency groups (WPP); an ideas agency for the digital age, working collaboratively with clients to develop strategic, creative and technical ideas that help grow their businesses and redefine their brands.

With over 15 years' experience SYZYGY has built a well-established, strong creative and technical reputation, covering all areas of digital from award-winning web content, platforms, campaign microsites, rich media, social media, mobile and augmented reality applications.

Syzygy believes it always comes back to the ideas. Ideas that are easy to find, easy to like and easy to share.

Clients include: Kraft, Reckitt Benckiser, Avis, DeBeers, GSK, Mazda, BNP Paribas

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