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Kantar Media launches groundbreaking new study

21 July, 2012



TGI Clickstream combines - for the first time - metered online behaviour with detailed offline consumer insight

LONDON — Kantar Media TGI today launches TGI Clickstream, a major new study enabling brands and complex consumer targets to be analysed for the first time against actual online consumer behaviour. Similarly, with TGI Clickstream, online audiences can now be understood in context well beyond their online behaviour.

TGI Clickstream was created by connecting metered online consumer behaviour - gathered via Kantar Media’s Compete meter - to the vast breadth and depth of consumer insight available on Kantar Media’s long-established syndicated media and marketing survey, TGI.

TGI Clickstream will enable marketers, communications agencies and media owners to gain a complete picture of the sites, sub-domains and sections visited by specific, complex target groups of consumers - including users of over 4,000 brands - ensuring the targeting of them is as efficient as possible.

Using TGI Clickstream, engagement of target consumer groups with individual websites can be evaluated by looking at a variety of metrics, including average number of visits, average time spent on site and average page views over a specific time period. With over 1,000 websites, sub-domains and sections measured, media owners can, with far greater clarity, differentiate and thus monetise their core sites as well as sub-domains and sections.

Richard Poustie, Head of Kantar Media TGI UK, comments “Online advertising has long suffered from a disconnect between the online behaviour of consumers and their offline lives. Ad exchanges and Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) facilitate the buying and selling of online advertising and clearly there is a place for this. However, the targets traded are based largely on online behaviour and sometimes some basic geo-demographic information.

“TGI Clickstream links in-depth online insight with TGI’s unrivalled breadth of consumer behaviour and attitude data, and will open up important new opportunities, efficiencies and monetisation for communications agencies and media owners alike’.

For further information about TGI Clickstream, contact Kantar Media TGI on 020 8433 4000 or email  

About TGI Clickstream
TGI Clickstream provides detailed online metrics into consumer activity on over 1,000 sites, sub-domains and sections, integrated with the full Kantar Media TGI database. A computer meter passively measures the online activity of thousands of TGI respondents and this is then combined with TGI’s comprehensive range of consumer variables.

TGI was established in Britain in 1969, with most of its international expansion taking place over the last 15 years, giving it a presence today in over 60 markets worldwide. The TGI studies measure consumer product and brand consumption, leisure activities, attitudes and media usage. They are used across the globe by communication agencies, media owners and brand owners for a range of strategic and tactical purposes, including the identification of target audiences, media planning and buying, consumer profiling and brand positioning. Sample sizes are robust, with over 700,000 interviews conducted around the world each year.

About Kantar Media
Kantar Media provides strategic advice and competitive intelligence to the world’s leading brands, publishers, agencies and industry bodies, helping them navigate and succeed in a rapidly evolving media industry. This includes analysis of paid media opportunities; counsel on brand reputation, corporate management and consumer engagement through owned media; and, evaluating consumers’ reactions in earned media. Kantar Media provides clients with a broad range of insights, from audience research, competitive intelligence, vital consumer behaviour and digital insights, marketing effectiveness and online influence. Our experts currently work with 22,000 companies tracking 3 million brands in 50 countries.

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