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Y&R research finds spirit of optimism among Generation Asia in Vietnam

20 July, 2012


HO CHI MINH CITY — Happiness, ambition, family and optimism emerged as the top values amongst 18-35 year olds in Vietnam, in the most comprehensive attitudinal study ever conducted into that demographic. The findings are part of Y&R’s proprietary research tool Generation Asia, unveiled today at the opening of Y&R Vietnam’s stunning new offices in Ho Chi Minh City.

66% of Generation Asia in Vietnam are optimistic that one day they’ll be rich, and 83% are ambitious that one day they will achieve great things. These attitudes are balanced with a strong belief (74%) that, despite all the change around them, family values remain the same. And 73% of respondents feel that happiness is more important than money.”

“A Generation born into peace, 18-35 year olds in Vietnam believe that despite all the change around them, family values remain the same and happiness is more important that accumulating wealth. They want their lives to positively impact others, and life to them, is about trying new things and experiences,” explained Matthew Collier, Chief Executive Officer Y&R Vietnam.

Continued Collier, “Born into rapid economic growth, they are a Generation filled with optimism about their present and future and firmly believe their lives are far better than their parents’. Genereration Asia in Vietnam is confident they will achieve great personal wealth and do not feel daunted by any of the obstacles on the path to success.”

Vietnam is the first market to unveil its Generation Asia research findings, following an extensive online survey of over 1,400 respondents conducted in both North and South Vietnam in June 2012. Vietnam’s biggest single study into the 18-35 segment, Generation Asia is an in-depth attitudinal study into that demographic across the whole region. It is Asia’s most comprehensive psychographic study in terms of number of respondents, geographical coverage and in-depth insights into 16 key topics.

Indeed Generation Asia’s optimism and ambition is reflected in its attitudes to the 16 key topics, namely: Vehicles, Beauty (Men & Women), Communication, Education, Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Money, Health, Kids, Love, Luxury, Media, Sports, Technology, Travel.

Key fascinating insights from Generation Asia Vietnam 2012:
• 68% would buy a green vehicle
• Women equate beauty with health, while men are far more beauty-conscious than you might think!
• 68% like the anonymity of speaking out on-line, and 78% rely on social media for news
• 83% percent think higher education should be a practical preparation for the job market
• 66% are very savings-conscious, while 64% think luxury is about new experiences
• 82% want adventure as part of their travel plans

“The new Generation Asia study has given us irrefutable evidence on how 18-35 year olds in Vietnam feel, think, dream and desire. It’s a study which delivers true insight allowing us to connect consumers and brands on an emotional level. It’s great to be sharing such feelings of optimism and positivity at a time when Y&R Vietnam is embodying those sentiments with rapid growth and the opening of our new offices,” said Collier.

Added Hari Ramanathan, Y&R’s regional strategy director behind the entire study, “For a few years now there’s been talk of how Asia is starting to dominate world affairs, economically, socially and even culturally, and yet this powerful zeitgeist was not seen as the lens through which an entire Generation is going to view their own lives. And most importantly they are going to take decisions that define the future landscape of global society, as well as the fate of brands. This is what prompted Y&R Asia to identify and examine Generation Asia.”

Media enquiries:

Dung La
Account Director
Y&R Vietnam
Tel: 0908030858

Magz Osborne
Regional Communications Director
Y&R Asia
Tel: +65 6671 3106
Mobile: +65 9029 9271

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