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Fabric Worldwide, a WPP Digital company, launches the Fabric Marketing Platform

3 November, 2011

Marketing Platform built to simplify digital marketing for marketers

Fabric Worldwide, a WPP Digital company, today announced the launch of the Fabric Marketing Platform, built to simplify digital marketing.

The Fabric Marketing Platform provides marketers and IT professionals with the technology to manage their global digital marketing activities across all channels on a common platform. This includes marketing campaigns, social media activities, applications and sites on PC, mobile or tablet. This common platform allows marketers to deploy more quickly, effectively and measurably on a global basis, reducing time-to-market and getting closer to consumers in the new channels where they spend their time. It also gives IT professionals better control over their systems, reducing cost, improving security and allowing easier more flexible integration of new components as technology changes.

Addressing the needs of both CIO and CMO
The Fabric Marketing Platform is designed to provide a flexible way for the CIO and CMO to work together to deliver on the demands of marketing to an ever faster-moving digital consumer. Recent research from Forrester stated that ‘Marketing and IT frequently fail to find common ground due to culture clash, the pace of technological change, and the lack of a shared business vision’.

In their report "Three Approaches to the Marketing Technology Office," Forrester also state, that "Marketing must take a new approach to technology. Splintering touch points and the growing torrent of data force marketers to build up investments in technology to keep up with customers.’

The Fabric Marketing OS and the Fabric Connected Marketplace
The Fabric Marketing Platform is powered by the Fabric Marketing OS. This operating system is designed to allow consistent use of data and standards across the enterprise. It also allows easier integration of tools through its Connected Marketplace. This enables marketers and their agencies to seamlessly launch compatible tools on top of the OS, build their own applications, or use the data for visualisations, or further analysis. The first release will allow integration of Kantar research products, the XAXIS media buying tools, Visible Technologies social listening product and Buddy Media's Facebook management product.

A key component of the OS is the unified view of the consumer it provides across all activities run through the Fabric Marketing Platform. This unified profile can be used by marketers to improve the targeting, optimisation and analysis of their marketing campaigns. Agencies and specialists are able to analyse this data for patterns and behavioural insights and to enrich it using other data sources. The platform is specifically designed to simplify the way clients use their digital data and to work in tandem with DMP’s such as 24/7.

“The promise of digital marketing has never been greater, but so is the complexity in navigating these possibilities. We are delighted to provide an easy-to-use solution that truly simplifies digital marketing”, said Chris Perry, Joint CEO of Fabric Worldwide. “Marketers are having a tough time making use of the data that digital channels provide, let along acting on it. The Fabric Marketing Platform now allows Marketers to understand their consumer and act faster on the insight.”

Deployment of the Platform
The Fabric Marketing Platform is sold under a SaaS (Software as a Service) agreement and is rolling out to a range of clients.

Supporting clients in leveraging this platform are Fabric Worldwide's team of marketing technologists. These individuals work with both the CIO and CMO’s organizations to help implement the Fabric technology and increase the business’s speed to market, reduce the cost of digital asset development and increase the overall organization’s knowledge around digital marketing.

About Fabric Worldwide Ltd
Fabric Worldwide is a creative technology company dedicated to simplifying digital marketing, based in London, NY and Seattle.

The company provides software and services that help clients and agencies ensure they have consistent data, standards and ways of working across all their digital activity, and it provides faster, consumer-centric insights and more effective ways of delivering digital activity.

The company is led by Chris Perry and Neil Miller, Joint CEOs; Jim Watson, CCO, Tim Barnes Chief Strategy Officer (Product); David Hostetter, CTO; and Simon Law, Chief Strategy Officer (Solutions).

About WPP and WPP Digital
WPP is the world’s largest communications services group. Through its operating companies, the Group provides a comprehensive range of advertising and marketing services including advertising; media investment management; consumer insight; public relations and public affairs; branding and identity; healthcare communications; direct, digital, promotion and relationship marketing and specialist communications. The company employs over 153,000 people (including associates) in 2,400 offices in 107 countries. For more information, visit  

Through WPP Digital, WPP makes acquisitions and strategic investments in companies that improve the Group's understanding of the digital space and provide access for WPP companies and their clients to a portfolio of digital experts.

Fabric Worldwide Inc.
1218 3rd Avenue
Suite 600
Seattle, WA 98101

Fabric WW Ltd
121-141 Westbourne Terrace
London, W2 6JR

Press Contact
Chris Perry,
Joint CEO, Fabric WW Ltd  

Tel: +44 207 543 4882
Cell: +44 77 8654 6666

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