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The Futures Company challenges assumptions about the 2020 global landscape

9 March, 2011

The Futures Company, the leading global foresight and futures consultancy, launches its Future Perspectives series with a unique exploration of the world landscape in 2020.

In a just-released white paper, “The World in 2020: The business challenges of the future”, The Futures Company introduces a new way of framing the eight contours shaping the global landscape and identifies opportunities for innovation.

Exploring these contours as “dilemmas” not problems, the white paper identifies the huge opportunities for imaginative innovation that the changed marketplace of 2020 will present.

Report author, Andrew Curry, Director at The Futures Company, explained “The world in 2020 is going to face problems that most experts believe are intractable. They’re wrong. Our way of thinking about these challenges offers foresights that unlock innovation opportunities that other ways of thinking are likely to overlook.”

The World in 2020 white paper is the first in the Future Perspectives series of hardhitting white papers addressing the biggest issues facing the global consumer marketplace. An Executive Preview is available for download at The full report will be released later this month. A Webinar will be held on 13 April.

Future Perspectives will release an additional five reports over the next three months:

Unmasking Millennials: The Truth Behind a Misunderstood Generation
Report release date: 14 March
London breakfast briefing: 15 March
Webinar presentation: 23 March
Millennials are the most-heralded, most-discussed, most-dissected generational cohort to hit the global marketplace since US Baby Boomers made their presence known in the 1960s. Yet, for all of the attention, almost everything written about Millennials is wrong. Based on a global analysis of trended data from The Futures Company Global MONITOR, this report will set the record straight on Millennials and reset the conversation about the ways in which this generation will drive the future of the global marketplace.

Yankelovich US MONITOR Sustainability Lens Report

Report release date: 21 March
Over the past few years, interest in anything green has taken a nose dive in the US. While other recent studies have reported this trend, too, this report will provide a short, focused, issue-oriented examination of what this means for sustainability marketing going forward and how this reflects evolving perceptions of value and responsibility.

Millennials in Crisis: The Generational Challenges of Economics and Identity for US Millennials

Report release date: 29 March
Webinar presentation: 06 April

Unique, unprecedented challenges confront US Millennials as they now launch their lives and careers. The ripple effects of these circumstances will affect them throughout their lives, shaping the kinds of consumer they will be. This report will assess the impact of today’s stuttering economy and new ways of coming of age on the future ways in which Millennials will redefine success and manage uncertainty and risk.

The Future of Global Brands in an Uncertain World

Report release date: 04 April

As emerging economies push to claim their place in the global economy, the established brands now dominating the world will face a fight to maintain their historical position. This report delivers a specialized perspective on the future pathways for today’s transnational brands, still largely Western in origin, to lead in a future marketplace that will include brands from emerging powers like Brazil, India and China.

Hispanics in 2025: The Future of the US Marketplace

Report release date: 10 May
Webinar presentation: 23 June

It’s well known that before mid-century, ethnic consumers will constitute the largest part of the US marketplace. Hispanics are the biggest of these ethnic groups. Findings from the 2010 US Census are documenting big shifts in where Hispanics stand today. But the future of this key group is unknown. This report will look ahead to the future of the Hispanic marketplace and what that means today in order to capture the key opportunities of tomorrow.

For further information, please contact:
(UK) Jennifer Childs on +44 (0)20 7955 1824 or email

(US) Emily Parenti on +1 919 932 8626 or email  

About The Futures Company
The Futures Company is the leading global foresight and futures consultancy, formed in 2008 from the coming together of The Henley Centre, HeadlightVision and Yankelovich. Through a combination of syndicated insight services and bespoke research and consultancy, we create commercial advantage for our clients by helping them to take control of their futures. By exploring the future needs, motivations and behaviors of consumers, and the broader dynamics shaping the marketplace, we unlock the future of consumers, brands, categories and companies. The Futures Company is a Kantar company within WPP with teams in the UK, US, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and India.

Follow The Futures Company on Twitter @FuturesCo.

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