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Dynamic Logic study shows custom online video ads are more effective

21 September, 2010

NEW YORK — Millward Brown’s Dynamic Logic, the leader in measuring digital advertising effectiveness, released findings today that address the industry’s overarching question about which works better: repurposed TV ads or ads developed specifically for Web.

According to the research, repurposed TV spots result in higher brand awareness metrics; however, video content produced specifically for the online space is far more likely to influence purchase decisions. The trend is especially true among females and younger age groups. For instance, among 18-34 year olds who saw an ad with custom creative, 2.8 percent were influenced to make a purchase decision, compared to 1.1 percent for repurposed TV ads.

“As marketers continue to embrace the fact that the online environment is different from TV, it is more important than ever to copy test ads to determine which creative will generate the biggest impact online,” says Chris Bian from Dynamic Logic’s custom solutions team. “Whether the content is repurposed or original, online video is still the most effective online format when it comes to increasing consumers' likelihood to purchase.”

Additional findings include: 

Sites that typically contain video content (Entertainment, Movies/Video/TV, News & Info) have the potential to be leveraged as even stronger branding tools when customized video is produced for their online audiences. 

In terms of persuasion, custom online video impacts a higher number of people after a single exposure, while repurposed TV ads are more effective after 4+ exposures. Due to the original nature of the content, custom Web video typically engages consumers the most upon first exposure.

“Cost and reach are common issues when it comes to determining the right online video content,” says Bian. “While there is much to consider in terms of return on investment, this research solidifies what many marketers have suspected but shied away from: producing quality branded content has the ability to develop a more intimate relationship with consumers and is proven to be more effective than repurposing TV ads online.”

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About Dynamic Logic
Dynamic Logic ( is a leader in providing advertising effectiveness insights across all digital platforms and the broader media mix. As a Millward Brown company, Dynamic Logic offers advertisers, agencies and publishers the unique combination of world-class expertise on brand building and media coupled with normative insights from its database of thousands of digital campaigns, the largest in the industry. Founded in 1999, Dynamic Logic pioneered online branding measurement and has grown with the digital age, developing innovations across 27 digital platforms and establishing specialty practices in cross-media, social media, mobile, gaming and custom solutions.

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