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Traditional media boosts brand credibility on social media

17 November, 2010

Facebook and other social media channels are becoming a natural partner for Out of Home (OOH) advertising in the same way that YouTube has extended the reach of TV commercials, joint research from lifestyle and environments network Kinetic and media owner JCDecaux reveals.

The Social Pioneers study shows that 16-24 year old consumers see conventional advertising as a significant influence on what they share with friends on Facebook. The research also indicates that traditional media has a more powerful influence over what younger consumers talk about via social media than commercial messages placed on digital media or within social media environments.

The study points to a growing synergy between social media and traditional media. It found that while word of mouth approval from close friends is the most powerful influence over brand affiliations, traditional media is playing a significant role; by boosting brand visibility it adds credibility and acts as a conversation starter.

The exponential growth in the numbers of smartphones now being used in the UK is highly significant for OOH media. The study found that what younger consumers see while they are out and about, is influencing their Facebook conversations via mobile apps and they are actively seeking to interact with OOH media via their mobile phones, particularly to access entertaining content.

Nearly half the UK population now access their social network pages on the move. A Kinetic Moving Minds survey in October found that 46% log on to Facebook outside the home, and 48% access Twitter while on the move.

The research provides a unique perspective on a generation that is defined by its behaviour, using social networks to enable self-expression, while previous generations tend to use the sites to reinforce offline relationships. The Social Pioneers spend 8.5 hours per day out of home, which is 90 minutes more than the average consumer.1

Nick Mawditt, Global Director of Marketing and Insight at Kinetic, said: “This unique perspective on Social Pioneers shows that despite the ever increasing popularity of Facebook and YouTube, there is still a very important role for traditional media to play in building brand trust and respect. There are numerous examples of brands using traditional media to drive engagement with social media.”

“Our Social Pioneers are ahead of the curve and give us a flavour of what consumers will be doing in the next few years, which is an invaluable insight for brands.”

David McEvoy, Marketing Director at JCDecaux, said: “The study shows that the internet and Out of Home are the key areas that influence our Social Pioneers because these are the two spheres where they socialise. We know that only 7% of brand conversations happen online and 88% happen face-to-face2 so it is an important finding that Social Pioneers welcome Out of Home brand messages, seeing them as an integral part of the street scene and as a catalyst for conversation.”

Methodology: “Social Pioneers” are defined in the study as young people who have grown up with internet/mobile technology, are heavy users of social networking sites and can access sites such as Facebook via smartphones. The research engaged with six frequent users of social media, three female and three male aged between 16 and 24, who recorded their on- and off-line behaviour and attitudes over a six week period through a range of tasks, workshops and assignments. During workshop sessions the participants were asked to gauge their relationships with brands, as well as all media channels. They recorded their feelings about brands that used social networking sites to engage with consumers. The Pioneers were recruited by insight consultancy Work Research.

1 IPA TouchPoints 3
2 TalkTrack: KellerFaye

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About Kinetic
Kinetic is the global leader in understanding how brands can connect with people’s lifestyles and the environments they engage with. A NewCo company, fully owned by WPP, Kinetic’s expertise and insight helps deliver solutions for clients that achieve ambitious brand and marketing goals.

Kinetic is traditionally an Out of Home media agency and in addition today delivers wide-ranging specialist expertise through its complementary service divisions including Joule, Aviator, Target Health, Destination Media Group, Kinetic People, Meta, ALCANCE, Zone and Hi Rezz.

Kinetic employs over 800 professionals across 42 offices. The agency has global billings of US$4.4bn.  

About JCDecaux
JCDecaux is the UK’s market-leading outdoor advertising company whose investment in digital billboards, iconic structures and new poster formats on roadside, retail and rail is transforming outdoor advertising nationwide. JCDecaux has brought a new immediacy to outdoor through the introduction of digital and a new FastForward print hub, enabling time-sensitive and highly tactical campaigns with a 24-hour turnaround. Through the IDEAS division, JCDecaux offers interactive, 3D and special-build sites and is at the forefront of ‘augmented reality’ technology. With advances in planning, targeting and accountability, JCDecaux is committed to achieving excellence in outdoor. JCDecaux is the number one outdoor advertising company in Europe and number two worldwide, reaching audiences in 55 countries worldwide.

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