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Ogilvy Group UK boosts environmental credentials with ISO 14001 certification

17 November, 2010

LONDON — Ogilvy Group UK is delighted to announce that it has been awarded ISO 14001, the internationally-recognised Environmental Management Systems Standard, at its East London HQ.

The Canary-Wharf based agency – which was registered by the world-leading certification body, SGS – believes that being ISO 14001 compliant helps set itself apart from most other large agencies in London. It is also the first office within the global Ogilvy network to hold this certificate, and is one of the very few agencies in the world to hold all three international standards: ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) and now ISO 14001.

The ISO certification will affect the agency’s day to day operations in all sorts of ways - from axing unnecessary newspapers, zoning lighting to cut electricity, to scrapping old-fashioned under-desk bins in favour of segregated recycling bins.

But the certification also affects the way Ogilvy (and its partners) works all the way along the supply chain. For example, as part of their contracts, all production companies working with the agency on TV commercial shoots now need to comply with Ogilvy’s Environmental Policy, ensuring they respect neighbours on location, do not damage flora and fauna, pollute water courses, or disturb protected species. Ogilvy will now vet all suppliers, only using fellow ISO 14001 holders so as to create a sustainable supply chain.

For staff, Ogilvy incentivises non-car travel to work by providing free bike racks in the safety of an underground car park at Canary Wharf and, more importantly, discounts for all employees buying bicycles. Finally, the agency offers free travel on the Thames Clipper to all employees - including freelancers – as well as interest-free season ticket loans.

“This clearly shows Ogilvy's commitment to reducing its environmental impact on both its facility at Canary Wharf and on its many full-service agency activities,” said Group chairman Paul O’Donnell. “We firmly believe that our future success is dependent on making firm and binding commitments to reducing our environmental impact and ISO 14001 certification gives us the structure to serve existing and future clients more effectively by offering sustainable solutions that will not only benefit our environment, but will also be more cost efficient, helping both ours and our clients’ their bottom line.”

Ogilvy Group UK companies operating out of Canary Wharf include Ogilvy & Mather; Ogilvy Public Relations; OgilvyOne London; Soho Square; RedWorks; Neo@Ogilvy; and the Ogilvy-Mindshare-Wunderman joint venture, Blue Hive.

The group’s other office in Paddington, West London (which houses OgilvyAction, Ogilvy Healthworld UK, Coley Porter Bell, Dialogue 141 and Ogilvy Primary Contact) is also working towards its own ISO 4001 certification.

For more information contact:
Kevin Whitlock on +44 (0)207 309 1114 (  
Rachel Smy on +44 (0)20 7 566 8667 (  

WHY ISO 14001?
ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised environmental management system (EMS) standard, providing a model for companies to follow to create and achieve their policy. Focusing on the issues that really matter, 'ISO 14001' is designed to help companies achieve consistent environmental regulatory compliance whilst embedding the concept of continuous improvements in environmental performance.

Key requirements of the standard include:
• Creation of an environmental policy
• Appreciation of your environmental issues and their potential impact
• Formalising control systems and monitoring processes
• Communication of policy and approach to staff and stakeholders
• Setting objectives and targets
• Compliance with relevant legislation
• Some potential benefits of certification
• Shows a clear commitment to addressing environmental issues
• Delivers cost savings
• Improved operational efficiency
• Supply of services is increasingly conditional on proof of certification

There is (currently) no legal requirement to be assessed and registered to the ISO 14001 standard, but it makes good business sense.

Other advantages:
• Ogilvy’s competitors have, or will shortly obtain, their own certification themselves
• Market opportunities – registration puts companies in a better position to win new accounts and retain existing ones
• Cost savings – esp in energy and materials
• Increased customer satisfaction
• Increased profits/margins
• Potential reductions in insurance costs
• Reduced risks of potential fines or penalties from regulatory bodies
• Better use of time and resources
• Increased staff engagement

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