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Clarion spoof biscuit health and safety PR campaign wins international award

8 June, 2010

Clarion Communications has won an international PR award for a campaign which revealed UK councils’ Health and Safety attitudes towards BISCUITS.

The activity was part of an integrated marketing campaign by Clarion client Fox’s Biscuits, with Clarion challenged to create a media relations strategy around a series of TV and print ads for chocolate biscuit bar Rocky.

The humorous ads featured the fictitious British Biscuit Advisory Board - “the nation’s first port of call for biscuit-related issues, discussion and education” - which advised consumers on “biscuit and snacking safety”.

Clarion created two waves of media relations coverage for the campaign, firstly by working up a light hearted news story around actual biscuit-related injuries recorded in the UK over the past year, using stats from The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

For the second wave of media relations activity, Clarion sent spoof questionnaires (The Workplace Biscuit Risk Assessment) written in bureaucratic jargonese to almost 6000 council workers across the UK, asking them for details of any biscuit injury-related procedures they might have in place. Incredibly, 437 council workers took the time to complete the survey, with some even reporting policy rules on safe biscuit consumption.

This was turned into a news story - again complete with comment from a Fox’s spokesperson and branding - which was featured extensively by both UK and global media, including Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, Daily Mail, The Times and Daily Express. The campaign achieved a PR value of over £1million and an ROI of 22:1.

Now the Clarion campaign has been recognised at the 2010 Sabre Awards, described as the world’s largest and most sought after public relations awards competition, which recognise “Superior Achievement in Branding and Reputation” in North America, EMEA and the Asia-Pacific region. The Fox’s PR campaign won the Food and Beverage Award for the EMEA Sabres.

Clarion CEO Gary Freemantle said: “It was a tough challenge, because an ad campaign featuring a fictional bureaucratic body isn’t a national news story. However we found a way to turn it into two distinct waves of media relations activity, which both tactically supported the client’s campaign while offering a great news hook for the press.

“And while the PR activity was designed to support a fictitious body created for an ad campaign, it proved that fact is very often stranger than fiction.”

A full list of Sabre Awards winners is available here:

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