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Digit partners with leading online site to deliver brand identity

6 November, 2009

New MSN homepage launches in the US with fresh new design

In collaboration with the MSN user experience and branding teams Digit has developed a new visual identity for MSN, which has first been unveiled on a preview of the new MSN homepage in US.

The new MSN homepage is based on the principle of simplicity and cutting through the clutter to help you get more out of the internet. It represents what people want from the brand and what the service now offers. The new visual identity reflects this approach and is a cleaner, simpler representation of what the brand stands for.

Brands are increasingly becoming less about what they look like, and more about how they are experienced. The iconic butterfly logo has been retained but evolved to be a more contemporary manifestation of the brand.

The redesign represents the start of a journey, the start of a truly modern brand. We are looking forward to continue to work with Microsoft” Daljit Singh, Executive Creative Director, Digit.

To see a preview of the new look site please visit:  

The new MSN homepage visual identity, to be officially launched early next year in the US, was created by Digit - an interactive communications agency based in Spitalfields, London.  

For further information please contact Tess O’Leary at Digit

Email: tess.o’
Phone: +44 (0)7950 952031

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