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New study offers insight into Chinese excitement, plans for Expo 2010 Shanghai

26 May, 2009

Nearly 40% of respondents plan to visit the Expo and most expect to spend an average of RMB 1500

Shanghai — With just 340 days left until the World Expo 2010 Shanghai opens, a just released online study shows that 38% of Chinese respondents have strong intentions to visit Expo 2010 Shanghai, while 8% confirm they will attend. If this percentage is an accurate reflection of overall intended visitors, the actual number of Expo 2010 attendees will be greater than the previously expected number of 70 million.

The study also found that, excluding ticket cost, Expo 2010 Shanghai visitors expect to spend an average of RMB1522 at the event on available activities, shopping for products and sampling food from around the world.

About the Survey and Respondents
The survey was launched by Millward Brown-ACSR and Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide/Shanghai in February to mid-March 2009. A total of 13,991 surveys were conducted by Lightspeed and Millward Brown’s online research agency in China.

Survey respondents are from the following regions: East China, South China, Central China, North China, Northwest China, Southwest China and Northeast China. 89% of respondents are between 19 and 35 years of age; 62% are male. 25% reside in tier one cities, 27% in tier two cities and 48% are from other cities and regions.

Expo Theme
The theme of Expo 2010 Shanghai is Better City, Better Life. According to the study, this theme is understood and recognized by respondents. “Sustainable Development” (63%), “Science and Technology” (63%) and “Creativity�� (56%) are key words that respondents associate with the Expo.

According to the Expo Bureau, as the Expo 2010 Shanghai approaches and an increasing amount of promotional activities take place, the theme will be better understood by the public and interest in the event will increase. Expo 2010 Shanghai will be a magnificent gathering of over 200 countries, global organizations and enterprises from around the world. They will use the latest technology and innovative ideas to showcase their most recent achievements and future development concepts as part of the Better City, Better Life theme.

Chinese Citizens Excited About the Expo
Chinese citizens are excited about the upcoming World Expo according to the study and give varying reasons for their interest. 80% of Chinese citizens are looking forward to visiting theme exhibitions and art galleries from different countries and regions. 72% are very curious about the new technology that will be on display, while 65% say their main objective will be to experience and learn something new.

Jason Spencer, managing director of the Millward Brown Shanghai office, said, “Chinese citizens are very enthusiastic about Expo 2010 Shanghai and see this as an opportunity to learn about the technology and culture of other countries as well as the world beyond China. This reflects Chinese citizens’ increasing interest in the world.”

Country Pavilions: Levels of Interest & Favorites
The study also collected information about respondents’ opinions, expectations and level of interest in country pavilions. Each of the countries listed in the survey had more than 40% of respondents expressing an interest in visiting. Among these countries, European (78%) and Asian (64%) countries garnered the most interest. From Europe, the French and British pavilions are the most popular. Japan and South Korea scored the highest in Asia.

In order of total percentages, the foreign country pavilions that Chinese are most interested in visiting are USA (51%), France (41%), UK (38%), Japan (36%) and Egypt (34%). Interestingly, some of the top choices to visit are not actually countries that rank high in likeability. Examples are Japan and the USA. These countries can expect to draw a large crowd during the Expo and can use this as an opportunity to improve their image with the Chinese public.

Foreign country interest differs by gender with the top three choices among Chinese men being the USA, UK and France. Chinese women’s top three picks are France, USA and South Korea.

Debby Cheung, Group Managing Director of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide/China, points out, “As China’s influence in the world continues to grow, the findings of this study give World Expo organizers and participants a better understanding of where Chinese people’s interests lie. This will help them to better understand how to strengthen their country’s image and brand in China.”

Other notable findings from the study include:

- 53% of respondents who intend to visit Expo 2010 Shanghai say they plan to go two or more times and they intend to buy family packages or multiple entry tickets.
- Countries that make the strongest impressions are either known for their technological capabilities, such as the USA, UK, and Japan, or for having a unique culture. The latter include Egypt, Iceland and Brazil.

For more information, please contact:

Grant Xia  

About Millward Brown - ACSR
Millward Brown, a global leader in marketing research, is well known for pioneering many of the industry's most innovative research methodologies and techniques to assess and track advertising and brand performance.

Recognised as a leading authority in advertising, marketing communications, media and brand equity, Millward Brown is a valued adviser to leading marketers throughout the world. Millward Brown offers a full qualitative and quantitative research service in 48 countries working across a wide range of industries and categories. We help companies understand consumer demand and drive their brands and services forward at local, national and global levels.

Our commitment to innovation is grounded in an extensive research and development programme, robust validation, and an unrivalled knowledge management system.

About Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide ( is an integrated global marketing communications firm, with offices in more than 70 cities around the world. We blend proven PR methodologies with cutting edge digital innovations to craft strategic programs that give clients winning and measurable results. In its 28th year, Ogilvy PR provides strategic public relations counsel to a variety of clients across its 360 degree digital influence, consumer marketing, corporate, healthcare, technology, public affairs and social marketing practices. The agency also offers biotechnology and government affairs expertise through its subsidiaries Feinstein Kean Healthcare and Ogilvy Government Relations, respectively. Ogilvy PR is part of the WPP Group, one of the world's largest communications services organizations (NASDAQ: WPPGY,

About Lightspeed Research
Lightspeed Millward Brown ACSR is the China business of Lightspeed Research, a global interactive data solutions provider delivering market research results through global panels. Lightspeed Research's proprietary panels are recruited and maintained to ensure quality and representative sampling to support studies that range in scope and complexity across most industry sectors.

Lightspeed Research operates panels covering healthcare, financial services, automotive, B2B, telecommunications, family and more, and provides access to household members across 34 countries in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.

Both Millward Brown and Lightspeed Research are part of Kantar, WPP’s insight, information, and consultancy group.

Jason Spencer or Wang Yi
Millward Brown ACSR Shanghai

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