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Kantar Group appoints George Pappachen as Chief Privacy Officer

12 January, 2009

Senior appointment recognises the growing importance of privacy issues

The Kantar Group is pleased to announce the appointment of George Pappachen to the newlycreated role of Chief Privacy Officer, the first such appointment by a leading research, insight and consultancy business.
Pappachen will develop and implement a privacy and data protection policy across the Group and will work directly with clients on these issues. He will report into Group Development Director Mandy Pooler and takes up the new role following two years as director of privacy and public policy at The Kantar Group on-line research company Safecount.

A recognised contributor to the growing industry dialogue on privacy and data protection,
Pappachen has presented to the US Federal Trade Commission and at numerous public and private sector conferences on the topic. In developing privacy policies for The Kantar Group, he will draw on extensive experience in working with web publishers, media companies, agencies and advertisers to identify solutions for safe, reliable and accountable data collection, usage and storage.

His appointment comes against a background of intense public scrutiny around data protection matters and a reduction in consumer response rates. The Kantar Group chief executive Eric Salama said: “Privacy and data protection issues are top of mind for many consumers and will become so for many more. We cannot succeed as a business without recognising these concerns, putting in place strict and transparent policies where they are required and educating the public and our clients. In doing so, we are open to cooperating with all of our competitors to put in place industry-wide solutions, but we will not allow ourselves to be slowed down in implementing the right approaches.”

Pappachen added: “I am excited to develop the work I have done with Safecount onto the broader Kantar Group platform, especially at a time when privacy is becoming business-critical for ourselves and our clients. It is an opportunity to introduce best-in-class practice to one of the world’s biggest data-based operations.”

Pappachen takes up the new position effective immediately, based in New York.

Lindsay McMurdo
The Kantar Group
+44 565 5486

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