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Citizens of Hopenhagen offer hope in Copenhagen

14 December, 2009

Copenhagen — Hundreds of people of all ages have already done it. They’re queing in front of the Hopenhagen Messages of Hope Pavilion at the City Hall Square at HopenhagenLIVE. They are writing their hopes for the planet in the Hopenhagen book and having their message of hope filmed. These small clips are then being shown an the giant globe at HopenhagenLIVE and on YouTube in the Bella Center.

Hopenhagen is an international movement to drive action on climate change. It is based on a simple idea - to turn Copenhagen, where the UN Climate Change conference is in progress December 7-18, into Hopenhagen, the better, more sustainable future that global citizens are demanding from their leaders. The website gives people an opportunity to sign the UN Climate petition that will be delivered to delegates at COP15, and give their message of hope.

The new Hopenhagen pavilion at HopenhagenLIVE takes this idea to the heart of the city of Copenhagen. In the pavilion, Copenhageners and visitors to the city from around the world can come in and give their message of hope to camera.

"Already, we've had visitors from every region of the world visit the pavilion - from Copenhagen, of course, but also from Brazil, Venezuela, Kenya, China, Korea, Thailand, the US, Italy, Poland, and many other places," said Lisa Flattery, who’s firm Ogilvy & Mather is responsible for the Hopenhagen idea. "The messages of hope we're capturing here really reflect the spirit of hope and optimism that global citizens have for a positive outcome at COP15."

In addition to the pavilion, Hopenhagen also has rickshaws in Copenhagen with bike drivers riding throughout the city also filming people's messages of hope.

The Messages of Hope Pavilion is open daily from noon to 8pm.

Look at the hopes form yesterday at

Hopenhagen activities in Copenhagen include:
• Hundreds of ads displayed all around Copenhagen, including the airport, buildings, freeways, the Bella Center, bus stops and the Hopenhagen globe in City Hall Square, which has been renamed Hopenhagen Square
• Appearances and media availability of David Kroodsma, a climate scientist and serious biker who was elected as the Hopenhagen ambassador for the COP15 conference
• Appearances and media availability of Bradley Whitford
• Hopenhagen videos broadcast in the airport and on the Copenhagen metro
• Concerts at the “Hopenhagen LIVE” stage in Hopenhagen Square
• “Experience stations” in Hopenhagen Square where Hopenhageners can learn about clean energy, ride bikes that work without chains and confess their hopes for a better world in writing and on video at the Hopenhagen studio
• Stationary bicycles to ride that power the LED lights of the enormous Christmas tree in Hopenhagen Square
• Daily news, updates and research from the Global Observatory
• “Earth Hour Hopenhagen” at the Hopenhagen Live stage in cooperation with World Wildlife Fund on Wednesday, December 16 at 18.00 in Hopenhagen Square

Hopenhagen online elements of the campaign include:
• Online registration to become global citizens of Hopenhagen with the ability to electronically express individual messages of hope for a better planet
• News engine with updates on the COP15 negotiations and overall news and events relating to climate change
• Facebook fan page pictures and updates from the negotiations and from the streets of Copenhagen
• Daily Twitter updates on the negotiations and broader climate change debate
• Hopenhagen passports allowing citizens to earn stamps for making the world a better place
• T-shirts available for purchase on the Web site to declare support for Hopenhagen
• Hopenhagen e-mails that can be sent to friends to invite broader participation in the campaign

The Hopenhagen movement, overseen by the International Advertising Association in conjunction with Ogilvy & Mather, represents support for the United Nations, which calls for a climate treaty that is “ambitious, fair and effective in reducing emissions.” Through the support of the IAA and a coalition of the world's leading advertising, marketing and media agencies, Hopenhagen will become an empowering platform, giving voice to global citizens in the climate change dialogue and helping voice their opinions to the leaders from 192 countries attending the conference. The outcome of the new international global climate treaty has garnered public concern due to the U.S. refusal to sign the Kyoto Protocol in 2005.
Additional information and campaign creative is available at, which will expand and evolve over the course of the campaign.

Lotte Hansen (Danish Hopenhagen office)
+45 30 10 32 80

Toni Lee (Ogilvy & Mather, New York Office)

For additional information and photography, go to

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