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JWT International tie up with Layar to launch a new augmented reality browser

17 August, 2009

Layar is the world’s first augmented reality browser. Enabling you to see what is around
you by displaying realtime digital information on top of reality.’

JWT International has been proposing and developing fun Augmented Reality
applications for some time, Layar however is completely new. It is the one application
that separates the role of the smart phone from the desktop/laptop and really sets a
new standard in smart phone applications and the way in which brands can
communicate and engage with customers.

JWT International’s first Layer for Mazda was showcased yesterday at the Layar launch,
using QR code and barcode scanner technology, linked with the Mazda dealer network.
Enabling customers to view an ad in traditional press, scan a QR code with a smart
phone, which links directly to the Mazda layer and shows all available Mazda dealers
within the vicinity.

Since the layer launch yesterday 10,000 layar applications have been downloaded from
the Android market.

“There has been an incredible interest to date in this application and the possibilities within
it as a browser. We have clients committed to build layers from Moscow, Amsterdam and
London. Clients can see the opportunity to own this space, create a greater dialogue with
their customers and offer greater value. We are committed to help Layar make this work
and to be part of technological innovation that is changing the business within which we
work” - Damian Bradfield, JWT International.

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