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O&M and CBRC join forces to raise awareness of investor fraud

14 April, 2009

BEIJING – Ogilvy & Mather China has partnered with China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) to produce a public service announcement (PSA) to warn and educate the Chinese public about fraudulent investment schemes and how to avoid them. The problem has become a serious issue as more innocent people, often in rural or disadvantaged areas, are losing significant sums of money to fraudsters that promise unrealistically high returns
on various “investments” only to prey on their ignorance and disappear with their life savings.

“When we got the call from CBRC inviting us to help we were eager to bring our award-winning creative team and recognized expertise in effective branding to the table in support of the CBRC and this worthwhile cause,” said T.B. Song, Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather, Greater
China. “We are honored that CBRC entrusted us with this important task,” added Song.

Ogilvy was identified as CBRC’s partner of choice for this assignment through the Tsinghua-
Ogilvy Programme for Public Branding, an institution founded in 2005 to offer professional
brand building and consultancy services to assist Chinese officials with issues that directly relate to China’s continued progress.

Ogilvy’s mandate from CBRC included overseeing strategy, a target audience survey and the
creative development and production of the 15’ and 30’ TVCs.

Inspired by the real experiences of victims, Ogilvy designed the PSAs to illustrate the nature of the scams through visual trickery that ultimately show the viewer that promises of easy riches are often an illusion and likely too good to be true. The TVC opens with meteor-like showers swirling in the bright blue, sun-streaked sky. As the meteor showers descend to the ground against a backdrop of flowers and rainbows an elated chorus of voices chants, “Money is falling! We’re gonna be rich!”

As the true form of the meteor shower eventually appears, it becomes clear that the riches they thought they saw were actually a pie bursting into many tiny pieces, thus symbolizing broken dreams. The illusion created by the meteor shower and the subsequent images of distraught victims leaves a memorable impression on viewers by clearly and simply illustrating the fantasy sold by fraudsters.

For one month, the CBRC PSA will be broadcast nationwide on several channels of Chinese
national broadcaster CCTV including CCTV1, 2, 3, 4, 7, CCTV-Art, CCTV-Children. Phase two of the broadcasting plan saw coverage extended to 31 local satellite TV stations across China. To further broaden the campaign’s reach, the PSA is also being shown in select cinemas, railway stations, subway stations and office buildings.

For further information, please contact:
Sarah Guldin  
Tel: (8610) 8520 6552

About Ogilvy & Mather Group China
Ogilvy & Mather Group China is the largest marketing communications network in China. It 
offers the full range of marketing communication disciplines including advertising, direct marketing, interactive media, database management, public relations, graphic design, and related marketing disciplines. As Brand Stewards, the agency works to leverage the brands of its clients by combining local know-how with a worldwide network, creating powerful campaigns that address local market needs while still reinforcing the same universal brand identity.

Ogilvy & Mather integrates these communications disciplines using its proprietary 360 Degree Brand Stewardship process, which holds that every point of contact builds the brand.

Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide ( is one of the largest marketing communications network in the world, operating 497 offices in 125 countries. Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide is a member of WPP plc (NASDAQ: WPPGY), one of the world’s leading advertising and communications services groups.

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