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Ogilvy Financial Beijing assists U.S. IPO of Chinese company, Changyou

3 April, 2009

BEIJING — Ogilvy Financial Beijing, the Investor Relations team under Ogilvy
Public Relations Worldwide, was involved in the U.S. IPO of a Chinese company, which took
place this week in New York. Changyou, the Beijing-based Chinese gaming company, was listed on the NASDAQ on April 2, 2009.

Changyou is the largest U.S. IPO of a Chinese company since GT Solar International was listed on the NASDAQ on August 3, 2008, and it is the first company to be listed on the NASDAQ since November 2008.

Ogilvy Financial Beijing provided strategic counsel and corporate communications consulting
tailored to the global investment community, as well as IPO and corporate positioning counsel. Public relations counsel included creation of Changyou's corporate and IR websites, roadshow video production and international media strategy and outreach.

Ogilvy Financial Beijing has advised more than 15 Chinese companies conducting U.S. IPOs on the NASDAQ and NYSE. Former IPO clients include: AsiaInfo (technology); E-House China (real estate services); New Oriental (education); Suntech (clean energy, solar); and VisionChina Media (media).

For further information, please contact:
Sarah Guldin  
Tel: (8610) 8520 6552

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