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Mindshare unveils worldwide rebrand of its corporate identity

24 September, 2008

Mindshare, the global marketing and media network, today unveiled a comprehensive worldwide rebranding of its corporate identity.

The rebranding initiative includes the introduction of a new logo and coincides with the completion of the agency’s restructuring announced earlier this year.

In April Mindshare announced a global reengineering that integrated the company’s traditional and digital services and staff into a new model, full-service marketing agency powered by best-in-class media services. The goal of the restructuring was to earn Mindshare the position of “lead business partner” for its clients by creating a new breed of marketing services agency dedicated to developing fully integrated, media-neutral business solutions.

Under the new branding, Mindshare retains its signature color purple but is introducing a redesign of the agency’s logo and visual identity. The new logo consists of a custom-made wordmark and symbol. It appears as follows:

Mindshare logo

The symbol has been crafted to reflect the structure and form of the new Mindshare and its business units – Client Leadership, Business Planning, Invention and The Exchange. It shows two spheres coming together to create a new, strong form reflecting Mindshare’s partnerships with clients, suppliers and other agencies. The flow of color symbolizes the flow of creativity across the business while the segmentation mirrors the marriage of specialist expertise within Mindshare’s “open source” approach to client business, thereby promoting a platform-neutral approach.

In a major departure from the previous branding, the written version of the company’s name will no longer contain an upper case “S” in the middle of the word; henceforth the company’s name will be written as “Mindshare,” not “MindShare.”

In another significant change, the agency’s senior executives are relinquishing their formal job titles. For example, Scott Neslund, CEO of MindShare North America, will now be identified simply as “Scott Neslund, Mindshare North America.”

“This new identity heralds our next stage of growth as a new model agency, one that acts as a marketing spine to our client’s business, focusing on partnerships, consumer exchanges and collaborations,” said Neslund. “Relinquishing our job titles signifies the breakdown of silos and a new spirit of openness and equanimity throughout the upper ranks of our agency.”

Dominic Proctor, CEO of Mindshare Worldwide, added: “When we launched Mindshare 10 years ago we wanted it to be the agency of the future. Now that objective is stronger than ever. This new branding is the result of input from our global network, one of our greatest assets, and represents our continuing ambition to set the marketplace agenda in partnership with our clients.”

Mindshare is a global marketing and media services network with billings in excess of $23 billion (source: RECMA). The network consists of 97 offices in 67 countries throughout the USA, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific; each dedicated to forging competitive marketing advantage for businesses and their brands. Mindshare is a member of WPP, the world’s leading communications service group with $63.5bn in billings (source: RECMA), and is part of its GroupM media services operation. For more information, please visit:

GroupM IS the world’s leading full service media investment management operation, was created by WPP Group to oversee its assets in this sector. These assets include Mindshare, Mediaedge:cia, MediaCom and MAXUS. The focus of GroupM is the intelligent application of volume and scale in trading, innovation and quality of services, in order to bring benefit to clients and the companies it operates. For more information, please visit:

For further information contact:
John Wolfe
Direct: 212-297-7160
Cell: 914-659-8663

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