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LiveWorld launches LiveBar, enabling seamless overlay social networking

16 September, 2008

Interactive online conversations and social networking can take place on any web page quickly and easily thanks to a new product announced today by LiveWorld, Inc., a leading social media marketing agency. LiveBar’s patent-pending technology brings online community to any web page in minutes, without costly web site redesign and without forcing consumers to leave the web page to connect with others.

“Social networking is changing our society into a Conversation Nation, where people are constantly talking to others through instant messaging, texting, Facebook, Twitter and a host of other community applications,” said Peter Friedman, LiveWorld’s Chairman and CEO. “LiveBar brings this dynamic seamlessly and directly to a site’s content web pages. Much easier to use than typical social network tools, LiveBar drops the barriers between a site’s content and community sections by making them one in the same. This breakthrough brings community alive on every web page, where the users are and when they are there.”

LiveBar can be deployed across a brand’s site literally in minutes and instantly appears as an action bar at the bottom of the web page. As a user clicks on the bar, a translucent overlay rises over the primary web page, enabling discussions, commenting and other social network applications. Users don’t have to leave the content page in order to participate in the community. LiveBar knows what page it is on, thus providing conversations that are relevant to the context of that page.

"LiveBar totally changes the social network marketing opportunity," said Rich LaFauci, U.S. Managing Director of Technology, Digitas. "This allows brands to deploy a social network on a current site with virtually no lead time, bypassing the costly and time consuming efforts of designing and integrating a community site. In many cases this could make the difference between activating a social marketing campaign or skipping it completely."

The new application allows brands to more fully engage their customers with their site as well as create incremental web promotional and advertising venues, with no disruption, changes to or use of the primary web page real estate. With LiveBar, brands can increase the volume, participation and stickiness of their websites, as well as increase revenues through incremental ad inventory on the LiveBar overlay.

Imagine, for example, that LiveBar is deployed on a web page of a popular television program. Once a user clicks on the bar, a translucent overlay appears on the page, offering users an opportunity to share comments about the show. Audience members can say how much they liked the twists and turns in the plot in a format similar to a message forum, write an episode critique in a blog-like format, disagree with another reader about the acting abilities of the main character as a comment, or fire off a quick note about unfortunate wardrobe choices in a manner resembling the comment or shout feature on many services. The television network can add interviews with the actors or promotions for other upcoming shows right alongside the discussions. No matter what the format, the readers engage with the content on the page and with each other -- all the while increasing ad revenue via this highly engaged venue.

LiveBar is commercially available today. Among the first showcase clients for LiveBar are Tulane University, QVC and A&E’s (Biography). Tulane’s LiveBar will launch this month, while QVC and A&E are expected to launch during the fall. A preview of Tulane’s LiveBar is being shown during Web 2.0 Expo at LiveWorld’s booth.

"We are eager to implement LiveBar at Tulane University," said Debbie Grant, vice president of communications at Tulane University. "Our first use of LiveBar will be on The New Wave, Tulane's online daily news ( ) where we know our readers will post lively commentary on the news of the day. LiveWorld has been a wonderful partner to Tulane for the last three years, keeping our community connected through our darkest and brightest times. We're looking forward to creating a new level of engagement for our university community through LiveBar."

“The personal and social aspects of shopping are at the heart of the QVC experience,” said QVC’s Senior Vice President of Platforms and Broadcast Technology Bob Myers. “LiveBar helps to bring these aspects to e-commerce, seamlessly integrating social networking into Web shopping.”

"We've been working closely with LiveWorld to develop and integrate a range of community options for our users on," said Paul Jelinek, Sr. Vice President, Digital Media, A&E Television Networks. "LiveBar is another innovative social tool which we believe will only enhance and deepen community experience for our online visitors."

About LiveWorld, Inc.
LiveWorld is the go-to social media marketing agency for everything global corporations need to leverage the power of social networks to build their brands and their business. LiveWorld thinks differently about how companies can use social networks for customer dialogue and relationships and is the only company that offers the combination of a full technology platform, moderation services, community management and marketing strategy, all in one place. This combination – unique in the industry – is the reason why more global brands turn to LiveWorld than any other firm for their ongoing, integrated social media marketing strategy and implementation.

With 24 years of experience, an extensive applications hosting platform, and a track record of delivering over 1 million hours of moderation services, LiveWorld offers its clients a team of experienced community managers and moderators who oversee activity and user content online. LiveWorld deploys its services in more than 70 country-language combinations, and is the trusted partner of leading brands worldwide, including: A&E Television Networks, The Campbell Soup Company, eBay, HBO, HSBC, Kraft Foods, LeapFrog, Neutrogena, MINI Cooper USA, TJX, QVC and many others. For further information visit  

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Barbara Krause 1 (408) 981.2429 (cell)
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IR Contact: David Houston: LiveWorld 1 (408) 615.8496

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