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Two leading research consultancies merge to form The Futures Company

14 October, 2008

London, UK - Two leading research consultancies, Henley Centre HeadlightVision and Yankelovich, which merged in January 2008, announced today the launch of a ground-breaking global consumer trends service called Global MONITOR, the first ever to integrate quantitative survey data with an observational database, called Global Streetscapes, of the latest marketplace manifestations of trends. Global MONITOR will provide both ongoing marketing insights and future scenarios for clients. The announcement is part of a strategic re-branding of the combined firms as The Futures Company.

Steps to launch the new branding for The Futures Company include the introduction of a fresh new graphic identity, seen here at, as well as a bold mission embodied in its new tagline, “Unlocking Futures.”

“The marriage of Yankelovich’s expertise in U.S. consumer trends and Henley Centre HeadlightVision’s global trends intelligence takes global trends research knowledge to a new level” said Sian Davies, Chief Executive of The Futures Company. “We live in a fast-moving, highly connected world that, even in normal times, proves a daunting challenge for global marketers. Global MONITOR brings the trends shaping our world alive, providing a visually exciting, street-level understanding of today along with a compelling, actionable strategic vision of the future.”

In addition to global consumer trends, The Futures Company’s proprietary expertise includes health, sustainability, and generational and multicultural marketing. Its clients are many of the leading companies in their categories, including CPG, pharmaceutical, financial services, technology and telecommunications, travel, leisure, media and the public sector.

The Futures Company enriches its proprietary trends perspectives with future-facing qualitative and quantitative custom research and trends and futures consultancy. This unique combination of capabilities enables its clients to uncover new ways to understand and segment their consumers, identify future sources of value, and build powerful brand connections.

“With a backbone of deep trends intelligence coupled with unique quantitative, qualitative and consultancy skills, we create inspirational approaches for unlocking futures for our clients. This will make us a highly valued partner in these complex times.” said Crawford Hollingworth, Executive Chairman of The Futures Company.

Both Yankelovich and Henley Centre HeadlightVision have long legacies of innovation and cutting edge ideas, as well as long-standing commitments to client service and marketing impact, and are excited to be able to nurture these combined strengths together, and to create new ones, as The Futures Company.

"Our new company combines the great heritage of thought-leadership for which Henley, HeadlightVision and Yankelovich are renowned, now with an innovative focus on the future," said J. Walker Smith, Executive Vice Chairman of The Futures Company and President of Yankelovich MONITOR. “Ours is the only company that can bring together this kind of innovation and tradition to deliver insights and bottom line value. We could not be more thrilled about where we’re headed, and, frankly, we could not be more confident that these new services will be crucial for marketers in the immediate future.”

The company’s new brand logo graphically brings alive the strength of the new company in “Unlocking Futures” for its clients. The emphasis is on the action that the data and methodologies of The Futures Company inspire – shown visually as the transformation through the line.

About The Futures Company
The Futures Company is the coming together of Henley Centre, HeadlightVision and Yankelovich, three premier research consultancies with deep legacies of thought-leadership and a combined heritage of nearly 100 years of cutting-edge innovation, including Global MONITOR, a trends service combining survey data with an observational database of trends examples called Global Streetscapes and the Yankelovich MONITOR, the largest and longest running tracking of US consumer values and lifestyles. The Futures Company also offers future-facing qualitative and quantitative custom research and trends and futures consulting, with proprietary expertise in health, sustainability, and generational and multicultural marketing. Clients include leaders in CPG, pharmaceuticals, financial services, technology, telecommunications, travel and leisure, media and the public sector. The Futures Company is part of the Kantar Group of WPP with offices in London, Chapel Hill, NC, New York, Mumbai and Delhi and an established intelligence network spanning 28 countries.

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About Kantar
Kantar is one of the world’s largest research, insight and consultancy networks and part of WPP. We help clients make better business decisions through a deeper understanding of their markets, their brands and their customers. Kantar brings together a diverse group of outstanding marketing insight and consulting companies – each an expert in their field who can work together seamlessly to help clients address business issues in a holistic and strategic way. Companies include: Added Value Group, BMRB, BPRI, Cannondale Associates, Center Partners, The Futures Company, Glendinning, IMRB, Kantar Operations, KMR Group, Lightspeed Research, MVI, Mattson Jack Group, Millward Brown, Research International, RMS and Ziment Group. The Group has 22 companies operating in 70 countries worldwide.

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About WPP
WPP (NASDAQ: WPPGY) is a world leader in communications services, providing national, multinational and global clients with advertising; media investment management; information, insight & consultancy; public relations & public affairs; and branding & identity; digital, interactive and internet communications; healthcare and specialist communications.

WPP companies service more than 300 of the Fortune Global 500; over one-half of the NASDAQ 100 and over 30 of the Fortune e-50. Collectively, WPP companies employ 116,000 people (including associates) in over 2,000 offices in 106 countries.

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