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141 Sercon launches innovative online tools to enhance marketing ROI

21 July, 2008

Asia Pacific – The measurement of return on investment (ROI) on marketing budgets is a top priority for many marketers, in an increasingly competitive business environment.

Against this backdrop, 141 Sercon, the activation agency under Bates 141, has launched a pioneering range of marketing tools known as the Pulse Suite comprising MarketPulseTM, ShopperPulseTM and EventPulseTM.

This is Asia’s first-ever range of tools to operate on a SaaS model (Software as a service), which is self deployable in a matter of a few hours and allows multiple projects to run at the same time without using complex and costly IT infrastructure. It is also easy to use, requiring a short orientation program to understand the tool.

Another industry first is the “100 percent satisfaction guarantee” that is offered on the tool. If the client is not satisfied with the intelligence which the tools throw at him, he need not pay up.

The Pulse Suite provides both breadth and depth of information for marketers to gauge and benchmark their product category against related categories, as well as raise awareness of growing trends. The information enables brands to determine product, target market and regional opportunities, and set their marketing plans accordingly. These quality tools equip brand managers with market driven, empirical data-based insights.

Said Vijay Singh, Managing Director, 141 Sercon, “the Pulse Suite is effective ammunition in a marketer’s arsenal and comes with satisfaction guaranteed. With these tools, marketers are reassured of effective tracking of their marketing budgets which in turn allows them to maximize ROI.”

MarketPulseTM is an online field marketing tool that provides a store/format/region specific snapshot of point of sale effectiveness versus competitors. This tool also generates last mile insights which allow the brand to focus its marketing budgets on consumer touch points where they would give the best results.

MarketPulseTM leverages technology and advanced research methodology to report “last mile” insights via easy to understand dashboards. It acts as a door opener, helping marketers deliver better value to their customers and enables them to receive, select and evaluate market-measurement information, integrate it and apply it to specific business issues and situations. Clients can view and analyze information from many perspectives, such as by specific product categories, by geographic area or by retail channel.

ShopperPulseTM measures the impact of point of sale presence of a brand on the conversions of prospect to a customer. The tool also helps in generating last mile insights which allow the brand to focus its marketing budgets where they would get the best results. ShopperPulseTM provides brand custodians with many opportunities and techniques to examine trends and understand the impact of the market forces that influence consumers' purchasing decisions.

EventPulseTM measures the impact of a strategic promotional event on the audience towards the brand being promoted. This tool helps to generate insights which allow the brand to determine the nature of event-related association which has the highest returns in terms of conversion.

Added Vijay, “these tools can be leveraged to break the tyranny of conventional and run-of-the-mill rules which influence brand performance to make them more flexible and consumer friendly. With the launch of Pulse Suite, 141 Sercon has yet again demonstrated its prowess in combining technology with innovation to study the shifts impacting today’s consumer behavior.”

About 141Sercon
141 Sercon is one of the leading activation networks in Asia and part of Bates 141 – the world’s largest Asia-devoted marketing communications network and a WPP company.

141 Sercon conceptualizes and executes effective business events and below-the-line marketing initiatives to help clients access markets and engage their channels and customers. 141 Sercon currently provides this value offering to more than 70 leading brands and organizations, across FMCG, Consumer Durables, Services and Information Technology verticals in Asia.

The team at 141 Sercon endeavors to understand the brand’s marketing challenges, its environs, its customer behavior and channel response, and addresses them by using below-the-line marketing techniques, in both the offline and online formats. The absolute focus on core competencies and delivering value for clients has made 141 Sercon one of the largest experiential marketing solutions providers across Asia.

About Bates 141
Bates 141 ( is the world’s largest Asia-devoted marketing communications network. Bates 141 is part of WPP, one of the world’s leading communications services groups. Bates 141 is located in 22 offices in 15 countries across Asia Pacific.

Bates 141 focuses exclusively on the growing demands of Asian business: namely, building sustainable brands with global ambition and potential.

Bates 141’s clients include among others, AIG, Arla, Audi, Bayer, BMW, Cheung Kong, Dell, E-Trade, Google, Fiat, Heineken, HSBC, Huawei, IKEA, Jollibee, LG Electronics, Mengniu, Pizza Hut, Remy, Shanghai General Motors, Shell, Telkom Indonesia, Uni-President and Virgin Mobile.

We are The Change Agency. We believe that brands with a future must embrace change. Our clients pay us to understand, leverage and create change, and our currency - ideas - must change people.

For more information, please contact:
Desiree Lim
Corporate Communications Manager
Bates 141
DID: +852 2103 6261
Cell: +852 9770 4693
Fax: +852 2527 4086

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