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Studiocom unveils new corporate identity

26 February, 2008

Studiocom, an award winning digital agency, announces today the launch of its new logo and branding strategy.

The new rebranding campaign comes at a transformative time for the agency, in which it celebrates its tenth anniversary and tremendous growth and success.

“In 2007 we formally launched a marketing department and with that effort came a strong push to define our brand,” said Juan Pablo Gnecco, founder and CEO, Studiocom. “The process was a huge organizational undertaking and did not come without its share of stress, but represents a new age for us as we capitalize on our fluidity as an agency and make a firm commitment to put as much effort into effectively branding ourselves, as we do our clients.”

The logo, which features a light green origami crane soaring above the Studiocom name, represents the agency’s award-winning creative and its capacity to produce high-impact results for clients. The agency chose the color green for its representation of harmony and prosperity, while the symbol of the crane taking flight was chosen as it parallels the agency’s values.

The rebranding effort centers on the ancient Japanese origami concept. The agency chose the origami concept as the basis of its story as it is a sculptural representation of transformation, and the associated legend that if you create and share 1,000 origami cranes, your greatest wish will come true—a legend which captures the essence of community and social networking and represents the spirit and founding capabilities of the agency.

“When conceptualizing the new branding we took a good look at the things that mattered most to us as an agency,” said Andres Soler, associate creative director, Studiocom. “Our new brand represents how we work and interact,” continues Soler. The crane represents our values, the origami represents transformation, and the multi-dimensional aspect relates to the integration of our teams and practices.

“Despite a stellar year in 2007, you can expect even more from Studiocom in 2008, continues, Gnecco. “Studiocom will continue to develop additional competencies and practices to enhance client strategies, and market itself in the industry, while attracting leading talents and clients, and producing high-quality work that, like an origami crane, is both beautiful and complex from every angle.”

About Studiocom
Founded in 1998, Studiocom, a full-service digital agency, creates innovative consumer experiences, including virtual communities and online brand loyalty programs. A WPP company since 2005, Studiocom has developed a proprietary online multi-player community platform and has been the consistent recipient of several marketing awards. Studiocom operates independently and is headquartered in Atlanta, with offices in Los Angeles, Boston and Bogotá, Colombia. Clients include The Coca-Cola Company, Mattel, Activision, ImpreMedia, CVS/pharmacy, Nestle, McCormick & Company, Dunkin' Donuts, Baskin-Robbins, Turner Broadcasting System, and Twentieth Century Fox. For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Alaina Robertson
Marketing & PR Specialist
404.541.9555 x. 162

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