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Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide takes 23 honors in Asia Pacific PR Awards

16 November, 2007

In what is the PR industry’s version of the Oscars, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide (Ogilvy PR) achieved blockbuster status Wednesday night, scoring honors in two-thirds of all the possible categories it could enter in the annual Asia Pacific PR Awards.

Ogilvy PR/Asia Pacific took honors in 17 out of a possible 26 categories it could enter. These included half of all the "Campaign of the Year" top awards (8), the top award for digital work, as well as "PR Professional of the Year" which went to Ogilvy PR/Asia Pacific President & CEO Christopher Graves. In several categories, Ogilvy PR took multiple honors, in effect competing against itself, despite a record 335 entries from the Asia Pacific region.

"I am staggered by these results," said Christopher Graves, Ogilvy PR Asia Pacific CEO, "and I’m really delighted by the range of high-impact work for our professionals did for our clients—from saving thousands of lives by making cervical cancer vaccinations free for Australian women, to a world first for financial communications in China."

Marcia Silverman, Global CEO of Ogilvy PR noted the awards included some of the agency’s signature cross-discipline work, as well as new digital efforts. "We set up our 360° Digital Influence group to develop real expertise in social media and the fact we won the category for ‘Best Use of Digital’ is a true accomplishment. It is also part of what makes our global network different—real 360° Brand Stewardship work across disciplines," added Ms Silverman, alluding to the collaboration between Ogilvy PR and OgilvyOne to create and promote a viral video to drive subscriptions. The video is spoof of US president George W. Bush struggling painfully with a question about US-China relations. It ends with Bush suddenly coming up with a smooth, articulate response —but only after secretly accessing the website of Ogilvy client South China Morning Post.

From deadly serious to frivolous and funny, from "VIMADS" (very important mothers and daughters) to Vegemite legends, Ogilvy PR employed a wide range of techniques but according to Graves, in the end, they all had one thing in common: business-driven outcomes.

"Our founder said it best," Graves said, referring to marketing communications legend David Ogilvy, "we exist to build the business of our clients."

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